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    Best totems to throw down?

    i'm curious to everyone's thoughts on this...
    what is the best totem set to throw down for your typical raid setting (say toc)

    i'm ele and i usually throw stoneskin, wrath, healing (or mana depending on wisdom or not), and wrath of air

    trying to figure out an optimal totem set for raiding, so go ahead and reply!

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    Re: Best totems to throw down?

    Stoneskin is a given, unless your raid is devoid of any DKs.

    Wrath of Air or Windfury really depends on raid composition.

    Wrath/Flametongue is a given unless you feel like DPSing with the fire totems.

    Mana spring if no BoW, healing if there is.

    Insert cleansing and tremor on fights where it's needed.
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    Re: Best totems to throw down?

    Odd question to ask. It depends on raid setup. Which spec. Are there other shams? And so on. There is no "the one" totem set to cast for all situations. It depends on a lot.

    Even tho I always use Stre, WF, Healing and Magma. Enha sham. And Flametongue if there is no other shams. But it could be different, say there is a DK with the haste buff, and the healers and casters need the Wrath totem instead.
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    Re: Best totems to throw down?

    ToW and Wraith of Air is a given as ele, the rest just depends on your set up/what the raid leader wants you to throw down, if they care.

    Tremor totem/Stoneskin on Faction Champs > Strength.

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    Re: Best totems to throw down?

    Purple Set- Stoneskin, Flametongue, Healing, Wrath of Air
    Blue Set- Tremor, Flame, Cleansing, Wrath of Air
    Red Set- Earthbind, Magma, random, Grounding

    I use purple on all fights and then switch to blue for champs. Red is my toolbox and typically doesnt get much use outside of champs.

    I hate logging off in Resto gear while in my Ele spec.

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    Re: Best totems to throw down?

    Blue - STR/AGI, Magma (or FT), Windfury, Mana Spring
    Purple - STR/AGI, Magma (or FT), Windfury, Healing Stream
    Red - Custom

    Improved Str of Earth > Horn of Winter > Str of Earth
    Flametongue, Magma or Searing? Depends on how many casters need the SP. If i'm Resto i'm unlikely to go in an drop magma. If someone else is providing FT and I can spare the mana i'll drop searing even as a healer.
    WF or WoA? Whichever is the best considering group makeup.
    Cleansing, mana spring, healing stream? Depends on group, again.

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