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    Shadowed Unit Frames

    So, after seeing these on the home page I decided to download them and give them a try. I have noticed 2 things, however, I dislike and cant find a way to change them. For one, the enemy cast bar seems small, I didn't even notice it for the first hour or so I messed with the frames. The other is the buffs seem to show based on a first cast, first served with no real priority. Is there a way to change either of these? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Shadowed Unit Frames

    I have used SUF for some now and have not found a way to change what you are asking for. To note, I haven't tried too terribly hard, as I prefer my enemy's casting bar and my buffs in other areas. I can recommend a few alternatives.

    I've never been one to like a cast bar being down on my target's UI. I'm often glancing there to check health or debuffs, but looking more often in the middle of the screen. I can recommend Quartz (found here) for your opponent's casting bars.

    As with buffs, I could never get away from them being in the usual spot. Many people, myself included, use Satrina Buff Frames (found here) to move them as needed, as well as adjust height or toggle between rows and columns. I've also found myself using Elkano's BuffBars (found here) for my buffs.
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    Re: Shadowed Unit Frames

    Thanks for the help, I will check out the Satrina frames for sure

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