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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    Hey, congrats! I mean really congrats!
    You just give me some hope, that it is doable with a few people. Maybe I'll get my stupid offhand now.. :/
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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    gz and now go 5 man deadmines ^^

    no srrsly gz try sunwel now or some else

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    Grats on something that is actually pretty hard to pull off,and to the flamers here...did u notice the one player with the "Herald of the Titans" title in the pic?

    So before you talk trash to ppl make sure u know who your talking to honestly,im pretty sure none of you have gotten that title let alone down Algalon.

    Im pretty sure the guys that did this are pretty decent players and if they feel like posting something here than so be it,nobody is forcing you to click the links so gtfo if all your going to do is QQ

    /thread :
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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    This one time, I got all drunk and transferred my main to Dentarg. Once my hangover subsided and I realized the gravity of what I had done, I tried to make the best of it and struck up a conversation with an officer of the top raiding guild on the server. I started asking questions about the guild and how they were doing on progression, you know, important things, while trying to be as polite and humble as i could. When I got to the subject of me possibly joining their guild, he gets all high and mighty about how they are, "a high end raiding guild, AND first on the server, so they don't accept 'just anyone.'" I then went on to reiterate how I was already further progressed through Ulduar than they, and I would be a great asset to have around in case any of their core raiders couldn't make it. Dude continued to preach about how good his guild was so I went back and played an alt for a month.

    Grats on overgearing nerfed content.

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    While I think it's kind of rich to be putting this in a first kills forum, grats, I suppose. Once again, though, this really isn't the forum for it, it's more suited to general discussions.

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    Lol you remember me Hamma? I forgot who the rogue was in your guild be he wanted me to leave Impervious and join and our GM tried to like chain me to the fucking guild that was hilarious. Btw the rogue was blood elf Female.

    Anyways congrats on this I think I would take 5 smart players rather than 15 DKs with spell power gems.

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    This isn't a first kill WTH!

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    grats guys, its nice to know some people still enjoy the game, and like to create new challenges for themselves. keep up the good work.

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    Hell Yeah, go <IMHO> I miss being you guys' main tank throughout Illidan in BC!!!! Stuck on Hyjal with a new guild im running now.

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    Not try to be rude or to brag about it but kinda did BT and MH 5-mans in Naxx gear at 80 in May or something. We were 6 people in the raid, one beeing an rogue alt that was idle because we only did it to get him Tier6 gear. Maybe I should've posted it here :-?

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    Re: 5 Man Black Temple <imho>

    cmon reserve world first forum for something hard and cool instead. zzzz

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    IS this the imho on dentarg?
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    I did this with mates months ago, it's not difficult or noteworthy.

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    Hey guys, i just got the US First Kill of Loken while gargling with Listerine!!!
    This was teh funny.

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    What did Illidan drop?
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    I did 3 man MH a few weeks back... Haven't dared to try BT yet. Suppose I should really.

    Oh no, wait - it was 4 man.

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    Hmm...You play on one of the worst servers in the US, and you're making foolish posts about downing trivial content. I checked out your progression and kill dates, and I must say that I find you to be even more pathetic now that I've done that. Thanks for playing and please stop making worthless threads.

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    Nice 1.

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