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    Re: Best Warlock Macro

    /castsequence [target=mouseover] corruption, curse of agony

    Maybe a UA in there as well depending on fight :-p
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    Re: Best Warlock Macro

    Spec macro becouse im slack
    #showicon [spec:1]Haunt;[spec:2]Soul Fire
    /usetalents [spec:1] 2;1
    Pet macro becouse i hidde the pet bar but stil wanner see CD's on spell lock etc.
    /cast[pet:felhunter, target=mouseover]Spell Lock; [ ] Spell Lock
    /cast [pet:voidwalker]Sacrifice
    /cast [pet=succubus]Seduction;[pet=succubus, target=mouseover] Seduction
    /cast [pet=felguard]Intercept
    then along seriers of multifunction buttons just to save space. i just post the variations.
    #showicon Fel Armor
    /cast [button:1]Fel Armor;[button:2]Demon Armor
    #showtooltip [modifier:alt] Demonic Soulstone; Create Soulstone 
    /cast [button:1] Create Soulstone
    /use [button:2] Demonic Soulstone
    /cast [button:1]Ritual of Souls;[button:2]Ritual of Summoning
    summons pet, but on right click uses Fel domination
    /cast [button:2] Fel Domination
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /cast Summon Felguard(Summon)
    and mouse over's for banish and fear.
    /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Banish; [ ] Banish

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