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    Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.


    That's my gear.

    CoE (or CoD depending on fight) > Immo > Conflag > Chaos Bolt > Inc spam.
    (all with my imp out.)

    I have been doing only typically 4k in 25 mans... Why?

    I don't understand... Should I get the t9 4bonus? Help me, please. (I raid Destro, not demo as it says right now on armory.)

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    Oh, and here, so I can get this out of the way...


    Ok, constructive responses, commence!

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    Well. I'd say that you should be doing about that self-buffed on a dummy (no CoE). You're stupendously over hit-cap. You could lose about 115 hit and still be hit-capped w/o considering any raid buffs, so you can ditch dying curse at least. Don't be scared of taking a lower level item just because it's lower-level. Hit is obviously a factor in determining the level of gear and since it's worthless to you you may well find that you can drop a tier and still find that you're effectively upgrading.

    Also, stop gemming for crit. You have loads, but both sp and haste will work better for you. I personally love haste and think that, given the amount of movement and target switching involved in toc, that it fits better with the play-style you should be using. I'm sure plenty would disagree though, but even so you should never be gemming pure crit gems, always take sp when you can.

    Finally, most of the advice I'm giving is passed on from hints that I've found on the existing threads. Go to the 'Fix my DPS' thread, since that's exactly where this post belongs, and where it will get seen by people better able to advise you than me. Even if you don't repost, you'll find plenty of advice there that will be applicable to you.

    Don't fret too much about L2P, it is a factor, and a big one, but it's something that comes with practice and familiarity. There are lots of things you can do to get the most out of your gear - then you can worry about finessing your placement, movement and timing while you're actually raiding.

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    1) Replace Dying Curse with Sundial of the Exiled.
    2) Get Shoulders Enchant.
    3) Enchant your cloak with +23 haste - 10 spirit (3 spell power) is nothing.
    4) Replace all your yellow gems with +13SP +10 Haste gems. Try to get at least 450 haste.
    5) Glyph of Immolate < Glyph of Life Tap
    6) PROFIT!

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iammighty
    2) Get Shoulders Enchant.
    didn't notice you hadn't got one, definitely get one. Hodir grind is a pita, but if you cba at least grab the one from wintergrasp, you should have stone-keeper's shards coming out your arse so it's not exactly a costly investment.

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    Replace your helm with the T8 helm, the 2x set bonus from T8 is huge.

    Get Abyssal Rune http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47213 is it nearly best in slot for most warlock and silly easy to get. Drop your Hit trinket.

    Enchant your chest with 15 Spirit

    Enchant your shoulders

    You should have 2x spirit/SP gems for your meta in sockets with good bonuses. Then gem straight SP.

    Finish leveling tailoring and engineering and get the enchants they offer.

    With those easy changes, you'll get an instant 300+ dps. For more dps, try to get more gear that has no hit on it. In full raid buffs, you'd still be 100+ hit over cap even with dropping your trinket, that's like swapping all of your T9 gear for T8 level gear.

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    You are really haste starved, and it seems you've done most of the suggestions on here, but I noticed that almost all of your gear is lacking in haste, so I would like to add the stat priority is hit(until you're hit capped)>SP>haste>crit

    Oh, you'll probably benefit more from your spell stone because your haste is so low. You should really shoot for ~500 haste.

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    Re: Gear vs. Rotation vs. why my dps is lacking.

    You're wearing 18.6% hit for starters. No professions leveled among other things.

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