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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Quote Originally Posted by Parasha
    idk how people can run all boses in togc10 with only 2 healers..

    at jaraxxus and fract champs it seems imposible.
    as a holy paladin i solo heal 10 togc FC. burn some cds and watch the extra 2 dps down stuff before my bubble/divine sac is up.

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Our comp for hardmodes are usually

    Tanks - Prot Warrior, Prot\Ret Pally
    Healers - Holy/Spriest, Resto/Enh Shammy, Holy Pally/or Druid

    Dps - Destro Lock, Combat/Muti Rogue, Ele/Resto Shammy, Arcane Mage
    and the last dps is either Surv Hunter, Ench Shaman, Ret Pally, Unholy/Frost DK.

    Depends whose there for the days i guess.

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    MT = Prot war

    OT = Pally/Druid

    DPS = Rogue
    Fury/Arms Warrior
    Enhance Sham
    Feral Druid

    Heals = Holy Pally
    Any other healer

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirfkin
    At this point, I don't consider them much one. I'd consider their DPS as a main thing, and tanking as their lesser deal. That's enough for me to call it mainly DPS.


    Ele Shaman, Ret Paladin, Warlock, Hunter or Mage, Rogue
    Disc Priest or Holy Paladin, Resto Druid or Holy Priest, whatever else
    Warrior Tank, Blood Tank
    Regardless of whether YOU consider them hybrid or not, they can dps and tank, so they are a hybrid, by Blizzard's definition (i.e. the only definition that matters, and the one that most people use).

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Quote Originally Posted by Mixon
    ...because hybrids can match there dps...

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    Re: ICC 10 man


    pala(me), holy priest(offspec disc)

    unholy dk
    enh shama
    boomkin(offspec restor)

    my insanity group for last 2 resets. due to attendance problems there were palatank-dk tank transfers, hunter-enh shaman (first insanity was done w/o bloodlust).
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    Re: ICC 10 man

    OT:Pally/os ret

    Fury warrior
    Ret pally/or rogue of any spec

    *Pally: with Val'anyr

    **Have the druid OS moonkin
    *If you can't get a pally with Val'anyr grab a shaman

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Quote Originally Posted by Hiddensjammis
    Ok, what would the optimal be then? Again with a ret and ele sham

    I realize we don't HAVE to have a optimal group, but would be fun to see what that would be
    "whats optimal" thought we dont need it optimal. wtf youre talking in circles If you dont care whats optimal, just take your 10 best players and have at it. chances are unlessy oure bringing like 3 rets 3 rogues you will have plenty of buffs.

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    That chicken standing over there is gonna be over that way when I come back.
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    Re: ICC 10 man

    My Insanity group:
    Tanks: Paladin (Holy Off) Druid (Balance off)
    DPS: Ret, Unholy, Ele, Enhance, Arcane
    Healers: 2x Priest Holy/Disc off specs

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    I gonna stick with what I can find randomly... should be like:

    Tanks: 2 Prot sahdwos
    Heal: 2 of those awesome hunters with SP gemmed
    DPS: hmm... ill just ninja the trade channel

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    from ulduar hardmodes
    till toc
    and now in ic

    tank 1
    prot pala

    shaman with legendary ele offspec
    holy pala
    holy priest disc offspec

    boomkin with resto off
    ret with tank off
    hunter (me)
    unholy dk tank off
    1 random who will pay us for boosting

    most of this ppl have relm 1. all in 10 man
    we doing all practicly with 1 random

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    My 10 man is going to run with a pally MT, warr OT, druid pally and priest heals, and an ele shaman, boomkin, warlock, and mage x2 for dps.

    I haven't really looked at the fights enough to see an optimum setup though, but that group will probably be close on most fights. Have every raid buff covered - 2x pallies for blessings, priest for fort / spi, druid for gift, and every caster buff there is. The only buff I can think of that we'd be missing is the 3% damage / 3% haste ret pally buff.
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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Quote Originally Posted by Quietmode
    Paladin(me) -> roll holy if need 3rd healer
    Warrior -> roll dps for 1tank fights


    Ele shaman
    Shadow priest

    This has been our group for TOGC insanity past 2months

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Tanks - Paladin + Warrior
    Healers - Druid, Priest, Paladin
    DPS - Shaman, DK, Warlock, Mage, Rogue

    If we run 2 heals instead of 3, it really doesn't matter what the extra DPs is

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Well, I can tell you that our most common setup is going to be

    Tanks Warrior / Paladin (possibly a DK instead of one of these) we have 2 warrior, 2 Paladin, 1 DK tank
    DPS: Boomchicken, Ele Shaman, Hunter, Ret Paladin, ENH shaman, Arms Warrior
    Heals: Priest, Druid, Shaman, or Pally.

    Yes. That is 1 pure DPS class.

    We are a 10 man guild. in our raiding body, we have 3 hunters, 2 priests, 3 warriors, 1 part time mage, 1 part time warlock. Everything else is Druid, Shaman, Paladin.

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    sooo many fail responses in this thread... people getting 3 casters in a raid without a 13% spelldamage debuffer, or 4 melees without a 10% ap buffer /facepalm

    if you wanna go for OPTIMAL setup then you have 2 choices, either melee heavy team or caster heavy. the melee heavy team should consist of a ret pally, a feral druid, a blood DK, a frost DK/ele shaman and a prot warrior. The other DPS could be rogues or hunters. Offtank and healers dont matter much. The caster heavy group should have a boomkin, an ele shaman, a destro lock and a holy priest. The rest of the DPS could be arcane mages, tanks dont matter much.

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    My Dream comp:

    Prot Pallie: BoK
    Prot Warr: Hp Buff, Vigilance

    Resto Shammy: Totems, BL
    Disc priest: Buffs

    Hunter: Awesome DPS, well i am atleast.
    Destruction Lock: Awesome DPS, SS
    Balance Drood: Spell crit.
    Blood DK: 10% AP Buff
    Fury Warr: 5% physical crit + BS

    This is my 'dream team' and what i think is 1 of the best comps u can get (Checked Buffs at

    Any Suggestions to better setup?

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    Re: ICC 10 man

    Quote Originally Posted by ninoffmaniak
    from ulduar hardmodes
    till toc
    and now in ic


    Lets hope the color red can do some major DMG then

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