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    Emblems from heroics

    I know on the PTR heroics and all raids other than ICC drop Truimph emblems. Will this also be true on the live realms when 3.3 hits?

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    Re: Emblems from heroics


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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    free T9 for everyone

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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    With the random heroic dungeon it will be very easy to gear up quickly. Even casusals will have a shot at the Lich King on 10 player normal by the team he is released, 12 weeks from now.
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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    All Dungeons drop EoTs.

    Dungeon Dailies are gone: Instead, the 1st Random heroic you do gives +2 EoF, all after that give +1 EoT.

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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    huh..I did not know this (didn't read notes yet)..expected 1000 QQ CASUAL SUX threads

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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    I'm glad that casuals can see the content. I never got to see black temple or sunwell back at 70 which I was bummed about. my main doesn't need the triumph badges atm but I will have lots of fun on my alts while I wait to raid icecrown

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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    The heroic versions of the 5 man's will be indeed challenging in lame gear. After doing all 3 on normal and heroic modes quite a few times over, FoS and PoS are fairly easy, should be doable by pretty much anyone with a brain. HoR, i'm not so sure about. The trash there is solid, only trash that reminds me of this difficulty in a 5 man is ofc, MGT, back in the day a bit. The bosses aren't so difficult, but the trash will be the problem.

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    Re: Emblems from heroics

    Quote Originally Posted by Team Frosty
    huh..I did not know this (didn't read notes yet)..expected 1000 QQ CASUAL SUX threads
    Don't worry... They are coming.

    To expand on what others have said, yes all bosses in heroic WotLK dungeons and raids will drop EoT in addition you will get one extra every time you do a random heroic using the new random heroic utility. Blizzard also added weekly raids that require killing one of the first bosses in Naxx, Eye, Ulduar or ICC. Completing the weekly raid will award 5 Triumph and 5 Frost Emblems.

    Personally T9.232 for the masses is a good thing at least it'll make doing the random heroics much easier and it's a nice and easy way for people to gear up an alt for off night raiding or PvP. Don't forget you can buy all 5 pieces of Furious Gladiator's gear for 325 Emblems of Triumph. Which I'm guessing is entirety possible to do in under a week as using the tool to do the random heroics doesn't "save" you to any and there is no limit to the number of times you can use the tool.

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