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    Help on what to upgrade needed


    My armory.

    When i try to get in totgc 10 pugs,people pretty much tell me all the time that my gear is too low.However,since i cba to do organized,scheduled raiding,i cannot realistically get my hands on trophies.And comparing the individual pieces of ilvl 232 t9 with my t8 shows minimal upgrades in spelldmg,while some pieces are even worse (crit+spirit shoulders).

    Any idea on what i can upgrade in order to make my gear look more attractive besides the obvious bejeweled wizard's bracers?Merlin's Robe would break t8 4p so in my opinion i should wait for t10 robe instead.What do you people think and got any viable,realistic to get upgrades in rings/trinkets?

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    Re: Help on what to upgrade needed


    Gear scaling is set to "approximate" values, and not specific to your character. However, for this purpose they are good enough.

    Gear is sorted by slot and ranked by relative value.

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    Re: Help on what to upgrade needed

    Who cares about ToGC - ICC Released today!! Moar purplz!!! Moar purplz!!! :-*

    Do the new 5 mans, chances are there are lots of upgrades for you in there. 6k GS here I come!

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