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    What happened to him? Not trollin' :P
    When We Ride Our Enemies..

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    he's at least somewhat intact within ICC, either full out still alive, or at least an intact soul for us to recover/free. we'll see when we get there.

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    His cries for assistance can be heard around Icecrown Citadel while High Overlord Saurfang and Muradin Bronzebeard are discussing assault matters with Lord Tirion Fordring.

    Since he has yet to be seen in any boss battles on the PTR, it is safe to assume his connection with our rapid assault is to save him from being converted into a Death Knight - and a powerful one at that, dubbed the Lich King's Champion - like Draenosh Saurfang became. So he will probably be a part of the Lich King boss fight, the cinematic promised, or the end result, much like Lady Liadrin and Prophet Velen were after Kil'Jaeden was defeated in Sunwell Plateau.

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