So with the new Decimation and change to Molten Core and also buff to the imp's crit dmg through ruin, could this spec work?

Conflag in this spec does hit slightly more than in destro due to the extra 5% fire dmg and DK, but lacks the 25% extra crit.

Molten Core increases immolate by 9 seconds and has that chance to give you a Backdraft effect. The extra time added onto immolate might well make up for dps loss by casting Corruption.

Incinerate lacks the 20% scaling and 10% dmg buff that Destro offers, but gains a bit from DK and 5% more crit. It will do less dps than in a Destro build.

Decimation is the key because since you have Emberstorm for that 15% constant dmg. However very possibly the extra 5% bonus spelldmg on DP could outweigh this.

The Imp would a slight more than the Imp in a Destro build. Perhaps it could be worth dropping conflag for the 0/41/30 build and using the FG?

Anyway i'm from EU so i can't test it atm but it looks great on paper. Decimation and MC change is the key change here really. I've just never seen any talk of it since it died. So any thoughts on the spec now?