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    Tiny abomination in a Jar

    Tiny Abomination in a Jar.

    Check out that item. Doesn't it seem quite underpowered for an itemlevel 277 item? :-\ I like the equip with the motes of anger, but it really does seem underpowered. The only reason I could see this getting any better is if the motes of anger had to stack to a lower amount before they release.


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    Re: Tiny abomination in a Jar

    if the motes come up on every swing it wouldnt be half bad :>
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    Re: Tiny abomination in a Jar

    I considered that, but it only says "Your melee attacks have a CHANCE to grant you a Mote of Anger.", so I thought it wouldn't come up every swing, but on a high proc-chance still.

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    Re: Tiny abomination in a Jar

    Mote of Anger - not much info there either, guess we have to wait and see until someone gets it to
    check the how often if proccs, and if the stacking procc itself also does any ap/damage-buff.

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    Re: Tiny abomination in a Jar

    If the motes came up every swing it would be way too strong.

    If we make the assumption that it would only proc on white hits and you're wielding a two hander, and it was changed to proc on every hit it would equal a 7,15% increase in dps from auto attacks.

    Every 7th attack would cause an additinal attack dealing 50% damage: 1/7*0.5*100 = approx 7,15%

    Less efficient for dual wielders, but their white hits usually also generates more damage so...

    If you have a lot of instant attacks and the proc rate is high - i assume it is - this trinket can be quite powerful.

    Edit: didn't realise this was in the pally forum.

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    Re: Tiny abomination in a Jar

    I'm not really sure if this is underpowered.

    The Reign of Death from Anub for casters work somewhat the same way.
    However it's only on crit.
    And most caster's crit % is low
    while melees are around 50%.

    In any way, specially Rogues and Arms Warriors are hitting swiftly.
    It can proc fast for those.
    Also because it doesn't proc on crits alone.

    And 50% of weapon dmg.
    The proc from Reign of Death is 1700-2000 normal
    and ~4000 dmg crit.
    I think the dmg from the Abomination in a Jar would be around the same.

    so if I needed hit as a melee,
    I don't think I'd throw this away.

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