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    Conflagging Shadowflame..

    yeh dont do this.. i thought itd be better since shadowflame was buffed slightly.. but nah its worse i think..
    starting to hit shadowflame alot more now..

    probly only reason you would do this, is if desperate scenario in arena with glyph of shadowflame.
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    Re: Conflagging Shadowflame..

    waste the conflag CD on 1k damage? definitley a game breaker
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    Re: Conflagging Shadowflame..

    imo conflag on an shadowflame is just becus you can do it close combat and get the daze buff.. and that works good atleast for me in PvP but in PvE it's just a crazy waste

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    Re: Conflagging Shadowflame..

    I dont think it was ever meant for pve or the daze would be in it already
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