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    Destro lock advice

    Hi everyone ! I'm starting to play m'y warlock alt again which I have not played since early 3.1... She is still mainly naxx geared with some 232 from the 3 new dungeons. Thé thing is about spirit. How valuable is it ? Right now I'm picking pretty much everything I can and when facing thé choice between 2 similar items, one with haste/crit and the other with spirit/haste, I dont know which one is better.
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    Re: Destro lock advice

    Improved Fel Armor and Glyph of life tap makes 59% of your spirit is Spell Power. I don't know the exact dps values of each stat just go to EJ for that.
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    Re: Destro lock advice

    The thing is to find a good balance between those types of gear. You dont want 800(guesstimate) haste and some extra sp with low crit as destro and stacking crit and haste w/o spirit makes your sp kinda lacking so yea gl hope this helped ;D

    p.s i usually have around 450-500 haste and 21.5% crit with 500 spirit
    p.p.s i use http://chardev.org/?c to make good sets might help you too
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    Re: Destro lock advice

    450-500 is quite low for haste...

    once you're seeing 600+ you can perhaps worry about it less.

    one thing that will reinforce you choosing the spirit/haste gear over the haste/crit is 2p t9. make sure you get it asap. (gloves/pants are the best tier9 pieces)
    with empowered imp its basicly 10% extra crit for you.

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