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    Weapon choice

    Engraved Gargoyle Femur
    TOTAL STATS with this weapon:
    2680 SP
    15,93% hit
    26,29% crit
    12,93% haste

    Blade of Silver Disciple + Matriarch spawn
    TOTAL STATS with this weapon:
    2768 SP
    11,63% hit
    27,92% crit
    12,78% haste

    Im not sure will increase in hit from staff give more dps then 88 more SP (after enchant) from sword+offhand
    What would you recommand?
    Also would it be better to get 2%more hit and switch to 0/13/58 if using staff?

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    Re: Weapon choice

    No way to answer this questiontotally situation dependant 25 man raids with full buffs and food go with the blade of silver disc 10 man raids orher go with engraved as youll need the hit

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    Re: Weapon choice

    If you do not have a Shadow Priest, the Hit Increase will be worth double the spell power increase, if you suffer from RNG. One missed haunt is the sum of the spell damage itself, the 23% damage buff over the cooldown + travel time duration, and the time it took you to cast it. However, one missed UA is worth 1 shadow bolt and 1/5th of a UA. Depends what gets you.

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    Re: Weapon choice

    what no spreadsheet data as well

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    Re: Weapon choice

    And what about demo spec? I will be heavily under the cap with dagger. With staff im also under the cap, but only 2%

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    Re: Weapon choice

    You shoud relly use the staff. 2% is no worries if you have the right class/spec with you but I always keep something to risee my hit if we are missing something.
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    Re: Weapon choice

    Personally, I have the staff and I have a sword + Offhand. Staff with hit, combo with way less. When raiding and the relevant debuffs are applied, less need for the staff. Basically, doesn't hurt to have some items on hand with hit in case you are gearing and are uncertain about debuffs applied by your group.

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