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    Fast Healing Spec for Northrend

    Hi there.

    I need an easy healing spec for my priest who just dinged 70. Actually i´m a big fan of playing shadow, but meh, DF ftl, i wont find a group as DD nowadays, so... i´ll buy dual-spec and start to heal (first time in my life in a dungeon). But here´s the problem: what talents (glyphs) to use? As i said, i´m TOTALLY newbish concerning the healing part of my character, but at least i try!

    So pls give me a jack-of-all-trades spec just for 70-80, with which i can heal the normal instances on my way to 80, and maybe i´ll appreciate it and stick to it (my roommate played a holy priest in black temple back then and is always praising healing priest to heaven ^^).

    And maybe, if you can spare the time, some start-up-tips for healing (easy) instances? Remember, i wont go heroics, just the normal "shit".

    Big thanks in advance!

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    Re: Fast Healing Spec for Northrend

    Go holy, keep shield up, keep renew up, flash heal when needed, circle of healing when needed = win.

    Just remember that Healbot can make your little piece of hell a bit more confortable (<3 Healing)

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    Re: Fast Healing Spec for Northrend

    FROM experience, Disc will be more mana eff / less down time. Use Penance instead of Greater heal. Flash heal to fill when penance is on CD , PoM and Shield when off cd and that = real win.

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    Wow. You don't even know the basics. Challenging Shout is not and has never been a taunt. It doesn't even remotely function like a taunt.

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    Re: Fast Healing Spec for Northrend

    If you're going disc, you will be more mana efficient but your aoe heals won't be so good, so try and learn the fights and use pre-shielding on squishies, and the talent that gives you 25% haste after you shield someone to cast a fast prayer of healing. Keep a shield on the tank at all times and prayer of mending bouncing at all times. Use flash heal mostly to top people off or fill in time when waiting for penance to be free. Gear/gem for spellpower and int mainly.

    Something like http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bVcbuhhVRGsffRt0x will give you all the juicy talents in disc to start off with, then you can work your way down to inspiration in the holy tree as you level up.

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    Re: Fast Healing Spec for Northrend

    on my priest I went disc at 70, had pretty noobish gear (mostly pre-T4 gear) and healing was uber easy, even on undergeared tanks. Glyphs probably PW:S and penance. Possibly glyph of flash heal instead of PW:S, been a while since I played him.

    Use penance on every cooldown, and fill in with POM and flash heal and PW:S on the tank. if you see a big aoe incoming, PW:S the squishies also.

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