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    SoL addon


    when I played a warrior, I had SlamAlert to notificate me when I could instaslam.

    I'm sure there's a SoL addon that looks like it, preferably from wowinterface. I've looked up a bit randomly, but want to know what's the 'best' one around, according to you priests.


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    Re: SoL addon

    Powerauras is your friend. Configurable and Sexy (tm).
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    Re: SoL addon

    What Danner said!

    Otherwise.. if you having horrible trouble with Powa.. you could use this addon instead.
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    Re: SoL addon

    Of course power auras has sound.
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    Re: SoL addon

    Ok, I will go with PowerAuras.

    Though, the last time I had it, I couldn't get it to work and found it as hard as Auctioneer.

    Can someone aid me in getting (only) this to work, and I'd like some sound too!


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    Re: SoL addon

    Alright, for SoL procs, do this:

    Type /powa to open the config.

    Click "New" at the bottom of the addon.

    Choose what icon you want from the sliding bars at the top.

    Go down further to where the buff info is. Type "Surge of Light" into the text field.

    Now go to Animation and choose what you want it to do. Fade in, grow, ect. Once you have done that configuring the sound option is pretty much the same, you just need to pick your preference.
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    Re: SoL addon

    Satrina's Buff Frames.

    Create new bar, select a filter, write "Surge of Light", and put the Buff Bar right where you want, usually right ahead/below your character and it's pretty easy to spot.

    Otherwise just Powerauras.

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