Hey all,

Been levelling a druid very slowly (taken me about a year so far) but more so now that I have stopped raiding.

I joined a 5 man for the first time a couple of days ago as cat and my DPS in comparison to the other classes was shocking (I couldn't even average 500dps). I was a bit embarrased by that, so respecced Boom to give that a go and with worse gear, was putting out twice the dps.

My question is, is it a trend with the earlier 70's that cat dps is worse than boom, or do I just suck at playing cat and should just give up and stay boom with resto as off spec. The problem then is that I prefer the playstyle of cat, the continuity (no having to mana etc.) and the survivability (bad pull? switch to bear doesn't work as well when you are a boom)