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    Should I gem ArP now?

    Here's my armory;


    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Should I gem ArP now?

    i think you need about 100 more passive arp, see what toskk's says


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    Re: Should I gem ArP now?

    Yes, gem for ArP.
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    Re: Should I gem ArP now?

    Going to throw my hat in and agree with the 2 above me. With that trinket you'll want ~722armorpen.
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    Re: Should I gem ArP now?


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    Re: Should I gem ArP now?

    yeh man, and forget about the socket bonuses too just go all out on armpen it gets better the more you have of it.

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    Re: Should I gem ArP now?

    My answer is covered here (and other places on the same or similar topics):

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