View Poll Results: Who is your favorite Dragon Aspect?

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  • Nozdormu The Timeless One

    226 35.15%
  • Alexstrasza The DragonQueen

    149 23.17%
  • Deathwing The Destroyer (Corrupted Neltharion)

    107 16.64%
  • Neltharion The EarthWarder ( Pre-Deathwing)

    24 3.73%
  • Malygos Lord Of Magic

    50 7.78%
  • Ysera The Dreamer

    87 13.53%
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    Why is nozdormu so popular? are people just voting for him because they like his model or something?

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    Nozdormu, who else?

    Quote Originally Posted by tilatequila View Post
    Why is nozdormu so popular? are people just voting for him because they like his model or something?
    Because he knows the past, present and future, and the bitch can fucking time travel.

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    Alexstrasza. I like her cloak. WTB transparent cloaks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tilatequila View Post
    Why is nozdormu so popular? are people just voting for him because they like his model or something?
    Nozdormu is without a doubt the most interesting aspect of them all due to the fact he hasn't shown up in game nearly at all. With the whole Infinite dragonflight thing and his leave of absence makes his lore fantastic and keeps you guessing.

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    Deathwing. his manipulation of everything is just pure awesomeness. his destructive force is godly, and he never ever gives up no matter what is done to foil his plans. Alexstrasza annoys me. "durp, we can't interfere with mortals" and then showing up after the plague bombing on the wrath gate to assist... lol great job not interfering alexstrasza! i truely hope that in the deathwing raid, he will end her. i hope he murders her. it'd be cool, for once, the villan doesn't go down like a little sissy, and actually takes someone with him... it'd be so awesome, so much better than endless happy-loving-ending-good-guys-never-loose that wow has been running on for years. what ever happened to the awesome story of WC3 when bad guys actually won something ?

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    What defines "best"?

    I'm going to assume the OP means best at holding their liquor. In which case I'mma vote for Neltharion.
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    Oh, Dragon Aspect...

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    Nozdormu hes like the dragon Dr Who.Without further note time to have an adventure through time and space.

    "Oh lord strike me down!"

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    Noz is my favorite, the whole thing about him being able to direct the flow of time, but his death being a fixed point is so cool.
    Quote Originally Posted by Illunis View Post
    Stop looking for sense in a game that mails you dragons.
    This is your stop, time to get off the bandwagon.

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    For me Ysera.

    Also afaik its Alexstrasza the Life-Binder not "DragonQueen"

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    Nozdormu is a Time Lord.


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    im gonna have to go with deathwing for now until i see another aspect do anything as good as destroying azeroth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velthy View Post
    For me Ysera.

    Also afaik its Alexstrasza the Life-Binder not "DragonQueen"
    All the dragon aspects have multiple titels, Alextraza is also known as Queen of Life for an example in addition to the most common one "the Life-Binder".

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    Definitely Nozdormu. I can spend hours at a time talking with friends and guildies about Nozzy. Analyzing, speculating, crap like that.

    Good fun. :3

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    Nozdormu, hands down.

    He will be playing a very big role at some point in the future when the mystery surrounding the Infinite Dragonflight will be revealed. I'm just crossing my fingers Blizzard won't just make him the big bad leader and we have to finish him off like Malygos. I would settle with an evil version of himself of the future of something.

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    Ysera obv, the aspect of nature
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    Nozdormu is awsome but i think theres something hidden in his story. Tbo i believe he's trying to prevent his own death, at any cost and because of this its haveing an effect on the timeline. The Infinate dragonflight are considered evil ingame but if you truly look into what there doing and why, u get a sence of them maybe being good, but missunderstood. They are trying to revert the timeline back to its original state, before WOTA was altered. It all goes back to the sundering if u follow the clues.
    The question is, knowing when and where u will die, what lengths would you go to, to insure that doesnt happen? His location previous to 4.2 was speculated, but showing up with infinate dragons, thats something that shouldnt be pushed to the side.

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    Alexstrasza - If you don't know why the Aspect of Life is the 'Best' then go jump off a bridge and think about it on your way down!

    (Moderator note: This is a joke, I don't want anyone getting crazy ideas like that.)

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    WoW this thread is so old, made back in the 09's. Yea I think Noz for sure, I don't know much about him but that shroud of mystery that surrounds him makes me like him more and more
    Quote Originally Posted by Traknel View Post
    Yes it is. In fact, the next expansion is going to be called "Mists of Metzen" and is just going to be various mobs with his face stuck on them.

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    I still vote on Thrall.

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