View Poll Results: Who is your favorite Dragon Aspect?

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  • Nozdormu The Timeless One

    226 35.15%
  • Alexstrasza The DragonQueen

    149 23.17%
  • Deathwing The Destroyer (Corrupted Neltharion)

    107 16.64%
  • Neltharion The EarthWarder ( Pre-Deathwing)

    24 3.73%
  • Malygos Lord Of Magic

    50 7.78%
  • Ysera The Dreamer

    87 13.53%
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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?

    maly cause im a mage ;D

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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?


    Fucking epically trolled northrend for a while, had a good run, but ultimately he was put down

    But seriously blue is my favorite cooler.
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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?

    Well im shocked. Really, i thought i was alone loving Nozdormu

    That is going to be one hell of a story arc.

    One that im hoping matures during cata, I'm hoping he shows up to stop us casting the killing blow on Deathwing, He KNOWS what will happen if we kill him, nobody else can possibly know this :P

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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?

    Noz! How can you best someone that controls Time?

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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?

    Nozdormu can't literally just take time and slap it around. He exists in all periods of time at once, and is able to move through it as needed, but he can't just straight up alter time itself without causing actions to do so.

    Hence the story behind War of the Ancients. Even Nozdormu couldn't stop an Old Gold himself from changing history, and required help from Krasus. If he had absolute power over time he could probably just stamp out the old golds from existence when/if they begin to pose a threat.

    I honestly liked Malygos in the books, as off as the lore may have been, it's a shame he had to be cured of his depression. Korialstrasz is definitely my favorite dragon so far mainly because he's the only one that ever does anything.

    For aspect though, I'd probably say Ysera because she is the most unpredictable out of the aspects, and we really don't know what she is capable of besides sleeping. Or Neltharion because he single handledly took on the rest of the aspects (even if he had to use the demon soul)

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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?


    Sleeping while guarding the world = Epic win; it's like having the best job in the world even though you are just sleeping... dang.

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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?

    Quote Originally Posted by muffinboy
    Answer to b is ... ysera hasn't gone mad
    I'm just gonna write this little bit, but first don't flame me if I'm wrong cause I haven't read Stormrage and dunno what happens in it. From what I have read, because of us not knowing the extent of the damage that the nightmare is causing in the Emerald Dream, it is possible that Ysera has indeed been corrupted. We will not know until she "wakes" up.

    In my opinion Alexstrasza is the best of the aspects simply because she can to an extent, control the other Dragon Aspects. Anyone who can control the Aspects has a lot of power and I personally wouldn't want to fuck around with em.

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    Re: Best Dragon Aspect?

    When We Ride Our Enemies..

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    Nozdormu. The other aspects can't go INCEPTION on you.

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    Alex and Ysera, sexy pixels.

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    Nozdormu closely followed by deathwing

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    Nozdormu because he's the Chuck Norris of the five aspects.
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    Nozdormu is the most interesting. An enigmatic dragon of immense power with a dubious future is a great hook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seragan View Post
    We will not know until she "wakes" up.
    Since her eyes are open in Nordrassil i presume she already has woken up.

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    Nozdormu The Timeless One.

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    Malygos before they turned him into lunatic loot pinata

    Basicly he was the wisest and to some extent the most feared before blizzard decided to ruin his lore
    Quote Originally Posted by Daralii View Post
    An orc named after Jesus firing a kamehameha at a tentacle dragon and making it explode into fairy dust before a group of dragons don't lament the loss of their once-friend or the now inevitable extinction of their species due to their newfound sterility and mortality but instead congratulate him on knocking up his wife was pretty fucking insane even by this series' standards.

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    As a healer, I have to go Alexstrasza.

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    I don't understand why Alexstrasza has so many votes! She is meant to be the preserver and protector of all life but all she has ever done is ask mortals to kill dragons of the other flights (doing all the dirty work for her) and set poor Bolvar Fordragon on fire for eternity. I don't trust her.

    Ysera is the best aspect because she is the only one who tries to do her job properly.

    Malygos and Neltharion went crazy, Nozdormu has pretty much been confirmed as leader of the infinite flight and Alexstrasza is a slacker. To the Nether with them!

    Ysera 2012!
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    he's the only one thats showing us some real power, no shitty bladeblibla...
    dont like aspects that dont do the dirty work theirself and just let us, the heros, do all the dirty work for a few pieces of gold.

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