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    Re: My first million gold :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dyz
    That has partially to do with the guild leaders back then WERE the guild bank. The guild account for my original guild had 80k gold in mats and about 100k worth of gold just sitting on it. It was the guilds stuff, when the guild fell apart, guess who got it.
    This is how it works, you think a guildleader is going to mail 40+ guild members within 1/40 of the guild gold in it after they fell apart? Ofcourse there are guildleaders that deserve to get some of it but some just create a guild for the money after they quit.

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    Re: My first million gold :)

    HAHA i definitely just tried to close the bank window in the picture!

    That you're offended becuase of such a stupid reason as someone suggesting implementing a custom used in the west world, of which it's history and mythology Warcraft is mainly based upon offends me.

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    Re: My first million gold :)

    sorry don't think you're world first someone on Terenas did this before you
    but gratz anyways and have fun spending it

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    Re: My first million gold :)

    that's a lame way on how to have golds! If you want it you have to work hard for it. Earning gold now is easy you have to extend or explore your knowledge more on how to get golds. I have my guide now it really works and a good sources on how to reach gold cap.
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    Re: My first million gold :)

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    Re: My first million gold :)



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