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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice


    So, suddenly it's useful to bind all the spells? Why aren't you QQing about Renew and GH? You should make sure he doesn't bind those spells and becomes a fail priest

    "Open your spell book now either keybind or place every single spell some where and I mean every single one except stuff like lesser heal and heal and stuff like thatofc. Because it might not be often but every single spell can be usefull! You might never use it but having it avalible when you need it is alot better then not having it the 99,9% of the time."

    Is a great advice, and something I agree any player of any class should do. Using that obscure spell when the time is right might make a difference once in a while; and that's what matters.

    I would advice stacking on Intellect a lot as well when starting out with Discipline, it gives more room for mistake while you still learn the healing style (and develop your own healing style) - eventually you'll find that you don't even go under 90% mana during heroics, or you barely every get low on mana in raids (Except if things go bad of course), then you know it's time to start leaning more towards Spellpower.

    Basically; Get enough mana/regen until you feel safe healing, i.e. you're not worried about going OOM - when you're at that point, Spellpower becomes great because that's what actually keeps people alive.
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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Yet another troll whose online ego is larger than his IQ. Nice language smeedsc, no one would expect anything better from a redneck ^^

    P.S. you suck, no amount of "fuck", "dick" and such will hide that. You are a cretin and just go and logout, play at 4chan and spam your tank with flash heal and enjoy your false sense of elitism in a game that's as complicated as tetris.

    And yes, l2p.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Quote Originally Posted by smeedsc
    yeah I might cast renew as holy lol.

    greater heal can suck a dick. so you've gone to this point, arguing about keybinds. I bet you use 1234567890 heheh

    just shut up man, go play the game and get some welfare epics already.
    So bashing Renew is okay one second, and not okay the next second? I see, makes sense

    Keybinds? 123456789?

    I bet you're one of those using mouse-over macros on your action bars to heal, which is pure fail for someone raiding any kind of high end

    I use Grid + Clique, so you probably can't even see any healing spells with keybinds.

    Left Click: Greater Heal
    Right Click: Renew
    Shift + Left Click: Flash Heal
    Middle Click: PW:Shield
    Shift + Right Click: PoM
    Shift + Middle Click: Dispel Magic
    Ctrl + Right Click: Binding Heal
    Ctrl + Middle Click: Pain Suppression
    Ctrl + Left Click: Power Infusion
    Alt + Right Click: Abolish Disease
    Alt + Shift + Left Click: Prayer of Healing

    Class dismissed; What's your slow actionbar binds, baddie?

    Trying too hard to be tough while you're a serious case of l2p.

    Inb4 he tries to bash my Grid setup xD
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like more than half of you more than you deserve.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    So you DO use keybinds to heal?


    Keyboardturn ahoy.

    If you can't mouserun while using Grid + Clique, then you fail epicly

    You fail at playing a Priest, you fail at discussing things, you fail at even reading what people say to you, you're insecure, you can't take ciritcism, and your biggest flaw; you're so delusional you think you're never wrong.

    Have a nice day, I'm off to do something more intellectual than arguing with some boy stuck in the parent's cellar screaming with nerd rage at his monitor.

    Please don't bother replying, I've removed the thread from my browser tabs and will never look at it again.
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like more than half of you more than you deserve.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice


    Ive been reading this thread all the way through, and I have to conclude that you are a complete and utter moron.
    Renew is very, very useful. Just as all of your spells are. If you are flat out ignoring 2 spells in your spellbook because they arent quite as good as some of the other, then you really need to stfu and reroll, or at least go back to your "main".

    So the tank is at full health, with a shield on him. What do you do? Would you;
    A) ignore him until he takes damage again, and start shield spamming the raid?
    B) chuck on on renew + PoM as you know he is the only person that is going to take a large amount of damage incoming for certain?

    I bet you pick option A. This makes you one of the people who is either in a fail guild and don't know why, or you are getting carried by your tank healers. I'd go with the getting carried option, or you wouldn't be as arrogant.

    I would go with option B. Our AoE healing is weak, but HoTs help that a lot. Trees are great raid healers, but the only realy aoe spell they have is wild growth, which is really a HoT. Getting HoTs on many targets is very useful when you know they are going to take damage.

    If you really do need to be spamming flash at every single GCD to keep your tnak alive, then you either need more spellpower or a better tank. You will always have at least 1 or 2 GCDs free every 15 seconds, why not stick in a renew? Lets say it ticks for 1.8k every 3 seconds. Your flash is GCD capped, so 1 second. Imagine it crits, every single time because you are oh so awesome, for 9k. It is giving each of your flashes to effectively heal for an extra 600. If you truely do need to be spamming the tank, then all healing is welcome, no?

    As for greater heal, well... With borrowed time, a greater heal can be brought to almost the same cast time as a flash, as well as healing for almost double. Yes, penance does heal for more and more cheaply, but it has a cooldown. Shield, PoM, penance, renew is what I do if someone gets low. Flash heal is your FILLER heal.

    Calling other people "baddies" because they do not agree with you is only going to make them agree with you less. I bet you still have A and D bound to turning...
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    Your post is so drenched in frustration and sarcasm that it's really ruining my salad.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    You know, the one thing that really makes you look like the fool here?

    Quoting the whole of my post, even though it is the one directly above yours. But thats just me nitpicking, and nothing I can do about that.

    Once again, you go back to the fact that "I dont agree with you, therefore I am wrong". That statement is wrong. It has been stated before in this thread that there are many ways to heal disc, but it is universally better to use all the spells given to you.

    I will restate that, again, rapture has an internal cooldown. Shields are all good, but they are not the be-all and end-all. Niether is flash. While I wil agree they are the two best spells (along with penance) in your spellbook, it in no way at all means that you should ignore the other ones.
    Renew might not be fancy and do big heals or have cool effects, but it is useful. Greater heal useage might be situation at best, but in those situations, it is extremely useful.

    I've said what needed to be said, and am going to end with this. You play the way that you play. It isn't the best way to play, but obviously it works for you when you get carried by the other people in your raid. You have spells for a reason. I bet you are one of these people who are like "WTF is this mind vision thingy for?!?!?".
    Seeing weakened souls on everyone in your raid might be good, but tell me, how many of those shields are going to be completely utilised? On fights with massive raid-wide aoe? Just think how many there are. You will remember a few, because those ones are difficult and memorable. Now think how many where it is just specific groups of people that get damaged, and renew would be more appreciated.
    One 7k shield on a person, or 9k healing? It depends on the fight. Renews add up you know. Maybe not as fast as a shield, but they are useful.

    so by arguing with me you are proving like those before you, that you are ill informed and or suck.
    This is possibly one of the most idiotic things I have ever read on this forum, and you've seen my signature. I would say get out of your momma's basement, but I know you won't, and you'll just go off to troll some other thread somewhere else on these forums. Perhaps, instead of just dismissing other people's arguements right off by saying because they dont do as you do, they suck, you could read them, take them and and form decent counter-arguements. You might become a better player because of it.
    Please listen to what I'm, writing, this is trying to help you here. You don;t deserve it, but hey, I'm a nice guy.

    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    Your post is so drenched in frustration and sarcasm that it's really ruining my salad.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Yea, OK I know I said that that was going to be my last post but I have to prove you wrong one more time.]

    Is my Armoury. secondary spec is my pve spec atm.
    I have a bit too much haste, granted, but I'm working on it.

    You cannot control what raid bosses throw at you, only anticipate it to a certain degree, and then react. How you react is the important bit. MY normal "oh shit" reactino is to shield, yes, but then I think about how to help that person, be it with a flash to top them off, or a renew if I know they are going to take further damage.

    just... stop being bad guys. you give us a bad name, and me bitch slapping you in the forums won't change that, but you playing better will.
    I could say exactly the same about you, but then again I'm not an arrogant prick. Have fun getting carried.
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    Your post is so drenched in frustration and sarcasm that it's really ruining my salad.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    It would appear Smeedsc is now gone from the forums after I reported a snidey PM he sent me after I left the thread..

    Also, Abb, spot on with your posts!

    I think we can now conclude after much hilarious debating that Renew as well as Greater Heal are useful spells, as are -any- and all spells we have available to us. Situationally useful is, still, useful - and the more flexible you are, the better you adapt to strange situations.

    I'm going to reply to the original post now for a change;

    Your gearing (As of today) looks pretty spot on, although I would indeed drop the Crit gems personally, Divine Aegis is very nice, but gemming specifically to proc it isn't really advisable. Otherwise your gems look good.

    Personally I would advice that once you feel that your mana issues are disappearing, you start gemming Sp/Int wherever possible, Sp/mp5 in Blue sockets, or if you use the same gear for Holy, and you play Holy often, you might want to gem Sp/Spirit. Although Spirit is really not useful for Discipline at all, it does give some mp5, and having Spirit as Disc is better than having Mp5 as Holy - if you understand.

    Don't worry too much about the Haste cap - our haste is only "Capped" at 11% when we have Borrowed Time up (from PW:Shielding) which isn't 100% of the time - depending on what you do, it may be very desirable to stack over 11% haste - but that's up to you to find out.

    Your talents look pretty alright; Discipline Glyphs are correct (The only "option" for Disc is usually to replace PW:Shield glyph with Prayer of Healing - if your guild asks you to raid heal with that a lot - I personally think it's a BAD idea to make Disc priests glyph and spec for it, but just in case).

    Personally I would also spec out of Imp. Renew and a few points from Holy Specialization to get Divine Fury for faster Greater Heals - talented, the spell is pretty useful. But this is personal preference - and it's not a big deal anyhow :P (Your build could end up looking something like mine; keep in mind that I gear and spec for Tank healing a lot: Avael Talents).

    Absolutely do NOT spec out of Healing Focus as Disc - sure, 90% of the time you will have a Shield on you so raid damage won't interrupt your heals, but, when it DOES happen, it will clip your Penance after just 1 tick sometimes - that is really bad. Really, really bad. I tested this in raids & 5mans, and even in heroics running without the push-back protection was annoying.

    As for your Holy spec; Talents look good, personally I would spec 2/2 Holy Reach for larger radius on Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing (Both are some of your most used spells as Holy). Surge of Light can safely be specced 1/2, since you usually crit so much as Holy anyway that you are basically guaranteed a proc even with just 1 point in the talent - this is not really a big deal, though. Also I would spec out of Inner Focus - it's not really that useful as Holy since you have much higher mana return than Disc (usually) and mana shouldn't be a big problem - but that's also up to you. The spec I would suggest if you do want to respec though is; 13/58/0

    Hope this was helpful - enjoy the Discness.
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like more than half of you more than you deserve.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Sorry, Myth, but I just have to come in here and correct a lot of this stuff:
    Quote Originally Posted by Mythricia
    Surge of Light can safely be specced 1/2, since you usually crit so much as Holy anyway that you are basically guaranteed a proc even with just 1 point in the talent - this is not really a big deal, though.
    This was based off of a lot of faulty math over at Elitist Jerks. You're not guaranteed a proc off of anything. Crit 4 times, or 6 off of a glyphed Circle and it's still possible to not get a single Surge of Light proc. 2/2 will continuously provice more output than 1/2 because outside of Twins, there's no fight where you're continuously doing nothing other than multi-target spells (And in Twins, you don't waste the time on a Surge of Light anyways).

    Also I would spec out of Inner Focus - it's not really that useful as Holy since you have much higher mana return than Disc (usually) and mana shouldn't be a big problem - but that's also up to you.
    Inner Focus has two advantages. One of which is of course the free spell, the other would be the +25% increased crit rate. Both of these aspects apply to Divine Hymn, and using your raid's "Oh shit" button for free, let alone the huge output bonus from crit? Definitely a must keep. Also, if you're not needing a hymn in the next three minutes (saving for a seperate phase for example), there's no reason you can't stretch Holy Concentration out a little further, and drop the Five Second Rule for real regen. And Holy has higher mana return simply because it pushes more mana out the door. Discipline is more stable, even in tier 10 if a Holy Priest needed to push every thing they had, they could still run OoM. But that's why you don't usually single heal 10 mans, or 2-heal 25's.[/quote]

    The spec I would suggest if you do want to respec though is; 13/58/0
    I'd have to push 14/57 out here. If you're not one for Spell Warding, feel free to drop those four off in Divine Fury, but I like living through some of the things thrown at me. Desperate Prayer is for moving. But again, YMMV.
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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    I see your points there Kelesti, and I didn't actually base the SoL argument on EJ numbers - it's more something I experienced in the later days of TBC, but to that end I haven't really played Holy at 80 so I'm possibly going by very old assumptions and conclusions. And yes, of course - having a chance of critting or proccing is always only a chance... If you have 30% crit chance on a spell, and cast it 10 times, "logically" you should crit at least 3 times, yeah? But no - you might just "roll" a bad dice each of those 10 casts.

    This being a very common misconception among people - so I'm with you there, 2/2 does of course provide a higher proc rate - but that said, I personally think 1/2 is a safe bet to spec as well. I see a lot of very successful priests run with this setup so I can't say I think it's a big problem if it's not 2/2 - but each to their own, as I said in my post it's not really a big deal

    IF is also personal taste honestly - if you think you'll need it, take it, if not, spec into something else. I use it in my Disc builds, partially for the very reason you state; IF->Divine Hymn is very powerful, especially as Disc where you lack Serendipity+PoH combinations for "Oh crap heal my raid now" situations - I believe Disc ends up using DH more frequently even outside of "Oh crap" due to their nature lacking AoE heals when the shields pop and people still take damage. Again - people should take it if they think they will use it, and not, if they won't! Also using it for the 5SR cheating is much less "profitable" now than it used to be - I remember the days of IHC -> Inner Focus -> IHC, casting top rank heals while gaining a bunch of mana - with the Inside-5SR mana regen nerfed as it is today, you'll have much less rapid regen from cheating the 5SR. Sure, it's still regen - and if you're in a pinch, it might just do the trick - personally I tend to find that if I have time to stop healing in the first place, either I'm redundant to the raid, or the boss is dead but that might just be me.

    Spell Warding is very good situationally - but if a lot of fights and situations it just won't do you much good - again, depends on what the player is doing. If he's doing Herocis all day it might not matter much, but if he's pushing new ICC content and need to take less damage, it's a great talent.

    YMMV indeed - each to their own, both sides of the coin has been shined now
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like more than half of you more than you deserve.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    OK I know the thread is turning into the holy spec part now that the troller is gone (gosh I just read all the thread it was just amazing to read such foolish declarations...) but regarding spell used I agree with mythricia and others on situation evaluation and spell choice. I do not use renew so much as well but still it's there in my logs. Depending on situations but let's say I feel myself really usefull for raid healing (I am mostly tank healer so "raid heali support let's say) when someone it getting badly hurt and requires urgent action. When not urgent healing is required, I prefer not interfer with others' assignement but it's just my way of thinking nothing more

    Regarding GH, I went talented GH and decided to go into haste gearing. As previously mentionned, crit is not a reliable stat that you can trigger when required, haste is on the contrary something reliable and stable. Some I changed my playstyle from PW:S>PoM>FH>FH (penancewhen required) to PW:S>PoM>GH>FH and it proved a lot more mana effective as intended. Usefull heal is better than spammed one imo so this suits me better. Regen is then even better with stronger DA which clearly allow more serenity^^

    Then I start to think my 28k6 unbuff manapool is partly waste and I will be in position to replace int by SP. GH talented disc sounds like a very good status to me.

    link to my priest (sorry with my job's network protections I can not go to the armory and give the direct weblink :P). Comments or advices are welcome^^

    PS : depending on T10 4p bonus triggers from each penance tick or not, I am even thinking of removing penance glyphe to get an extra one. Any opinion on that please?

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Kelesti, in regard to 1/2 SoL: This is not done based on faulty math, but on the highly limited use of FH. The chances of not having SoL up for most of the fight is staggering if you're not casting FH often. Since SoL is a HPS decrease and the only time FH is used frequently is on spot healing tanks during high damage spikes taking 2/2 SoL is a complete waste of a talent point. Also, Inner Focus is a little interesting and I'd never fault someone for taking it, but it's not something I'd ever take as Holy. It's the only decent filler for Disc, but it's just filler. The only time it shines is when doing a door strategy on HM Twins. That gives you one strategy on the easiest fight in ToGC where IF shines. Not really a huge talent.

    Ândrömèdâ, in regards to your Priest: If you're going to use ESD you need to replace all of your gems with spellpower. You have no stat conversion and no other stat besides SP comes close, so all gems should be +23 SP, or +39 SP. The minute you use an Int gem you are admitting a mana deficiency and should immediately switch to IED then regem all SP while using hybrid gems to activate any SP bonus on your gear. There are no pieces of T10 that are wrth taking for Disc. The set is purely designed for Holy. The only T10 pieces you would want are from the Shadow set. Specifically the Helm, Shoulders and Chest. If you run Holy off-spec you can consider the T10 healing set, but it will severely hurt your Disc setup.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    I have some trouble to catch what ESD means (I am French so sometimes I do not catch immediately the english conversion sorry ).

    Int gem were there for reaching huge manapool, knowing I am hard mode raiding in my guild and then, massive damage means massive mana consumption, discipline or not ;D However, switching to GH in my cast sequence I am even more confortable (in normal mode 33k manapool raid buffed is a huge waste) as before. so I will replace int gems with SP as mentionned above, keeping haste as a high stat in this case (1,6s GH with BT buff).

    Regarding T10, of course it is obvious that it is as usuall designed mostly for holy regarding most specs and spi on them of course. Nevertheless speaking about T10 bonus, I am just wandering if 4p triggers for each penance tick. If yes, I think this is one of our best burst ever (since penance nerf in 3.2) and even think about removing penance glyphe which would not be necessary any more for instance.

    If penance can trigger T10 4p proc 3 times then you can reasonably trigger penance CD reset almost every 4-5 sec which would be huge huge increase (assuming penance + 2 FH at 20% haste rate). In that case, I could deal with lower stats on my gear with this massive HPS and HPM (penance cost is ridiculous) ;D

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    ESD refers to your Meta Gem. Ember Skyflare Diamond. You should never use it unless you are comfortable gemming full Spellpower. Otherwise you should use the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond and then gem full SP with some hybrid gems to activate the gem. The reason is that the mana returns of the Insightful will outweigh many regen gems, while the SP bonus of the Ember Skyflare is only 2 SP higher than a normal epic gem.

    If penance can proc off each Penance tick (very likely) then it's still a useless bonus because it requires you to use four pieces of bad gear to gain a mediocre bonus.

    20% chance per tick with 3 ticks means on average Penance will proc the bonus 49.8% of the time. That will then reset the cooldown upon your next Flash Heal, allowing you to recast Penance. While you could get some good streaks of Penance the overall impact is low. You'll basically be reducing your Penance cooldown to its old value, which is nice, but the way Disc is played has changed greatly since then. Basing your tank healing on RNG is not a good idea either as you can not consistently put out high HPS numbers that can be relied upon. Just keep in mind that to get that 4p bonus you are also reducing your crit and haste by over 250 a piece due to bad itemization. The gains, particularly from haste, on your single target rotation will be of more value than the the bonus except during the 5-8 second periods where you get procs. This will not compete with the overall increase in stats you would be gaining otherwise.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    This is a very interesting :-\ thread to read with half the posts deleted. Looks like I missed out on some good ol' nerdragin'

    So I am a haste-stacking, GH-using, Renew-shunning disc priest. In skimming through this fragmented thread, it sounds like the arguments for using renew are "what else are you gonna do with your spare GCD" and "it's extra tank healing; why is that bad?"

    If you are assigned to heal a tank and every GCD you use is focused on that tank alone, you are underutilized. An 1800-ticking hot on a 50k hp tank? vs. a 8k shield with a 2k heal on a dps hit by (or standing in) fire + refreshing your BT buff?

    I have a hard time understand how casting renew > raid shielding.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    There are a lot of fights where there isn't a DPS to shield. Since Renew is marginally better than FH per execute, it's fine to throw it up. Throwing it up on anyone except a tank is a total waste. Marrowgar is a good example. Little to no raid damage except when spikes are up, or during Bonestorm. You can throw up renew on all three tanks, focusing Penance on whoever of the three is lowest, keep WS up on all three and PoM into the tanks. Yes, you should be shielding spiked targets and raid shielding Bonestorm, but other then that? You'd be wasting tons of mana and tons of time for no reason. Same goes for Saurfang. There's definitely an argument for using Renew. You're not replacing PW:S, you're replacing a Flash Heal.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    So the conclusion is disc priests renew tanks when there is absolutely nothing better to do. Fair enough.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Quote Originally Posted by cruxxy
    I have a hard time understand how casting renew > raid shielding.
    I did not read this in the thread, I guess no one as written this in fact^^

    Quote Originally Posted by harky
    If penance can proc off each Penance tick (very likely) then it's still a useless bonus because it requires you to use four pieces of bad gear to gain a mediocre bonus.
    This I do not fully agree. Penance nerf was done since initial CD was considered OP by many other players. Mana cost is ridiculous and healing amount is quite high. On top of that, I precised earlier that I was considering this option with high haste rate. I am currently 20% haste rating meaning penance cast is more or less 1,6sec and FH almost 1sec. Meaning that if bad luck (with is the bad point of that I agree with you on that) I need 1 penance + 1 FH to proc and then another FH to trigger, it means less than 4sec to proc another Penance (which i turned to 4-5 sec in my previous post) which is a huge huge bonus in my way of thinking but I would be happy to discuss this point with other priests fellows

    Quote Originally Posted by harky
    Basing your tank healing on RNG is not a good idea
    Agreed then^^But I have to admit I am quite curious about testing how it goes live, except that 4p T10 Holy is crap for disc stats here I agree as well. I'll do the maths afterwards to compare loss of stats between 3p SP T10 and 4p Holy. I admit I haven't done it yet :P Maybe this has been calculated in another thread as well let me check^^ By the way thanks a lot for the very interesting answer harky.

    PS : ok ESD refers to the english name of the meta^^I was still searching at work what it refered to

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    I have two gear lists, one with T10 healing gear and one without. The one with T10 has 270 less crit rating and 340 less haste rating. In exchange I gain... Spirit. It's an issue of gearing, you mention having 20% haste. That's fine depending on playstyle. I sit at 28% haste right now and the 4p T10 bonus leads to a couple problems. First it means I need to use a Flash Heal, which means I'm wasting 22% of my haste and lowering my healing so that I can proc Penance. While the Penance should make up for it, the value is diminished.

    This is the cycle on a tank once you're in high end gear: PW:S->Penance->Greater Heal

    Now, to activate the 4p I would need to do one of these two options: PW:S->Penance->Flash Heal->Penance, or PW:S->Penance->Greater Heal->Flash Heal

    The first option is bad. That's taking me from casting a 1.36 second Greater Heal, to a 1 second Flash Heal. The second option means the cooldown of Penance drops the cooldown right around where it was pre-nerf. Certainly not 4-5 seconds, even with option 1 you're looking at 5+ seconds. That's 'nice', but you are again trading good gear for very bad gear. Bad enough that 251 Shadow T10 is almost equal to 277 Healing T10. It's like wearing T8 in ICC because you like the set bonus.

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    Re: Disc Priest Lf advice

    Interesting discussion that's developing here - personally I haven't actually looked too hard at ICC loot and sets, partially because I'm not in a position to reliably aquire any of it, and secondly because I'm frankly not in a situation where I care much.. I don't raid with a guild or community, so, that's put me in a more passive mindset I guess.

    Anyway. I see the deal with the T10 - It does look like using non-set pieces purely for the stats will be a good option, acquiring the bonuses is interesting, especially so if you have Holy as your 2nd spec and frequently play it.

    On another note I'm glad to see I'm not the only Disc priest with the Haste+GH playstyle in terms of tank healing, it's not really something I Googled' my way to, I ended up pretty much creating my own spec and playstyle simply based on what I was experiencing as a Disc priest, and what my needs were - apparently I didn't make entirely useless conclusions on my own
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