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    Budget Computer for WoW

    Hello fellow WoW players! I pose a question to all you techies out there. I'd like to purchase a new computer to run WoW...specifically I'd like one with enough power to at least run at 20 fps in Dalaran. Those 30 minute runs from the fishing daily person to the flightpath are starting to kill me!

    I was wondering what computer would be the most bang for my buck. I have no interest in building my own and would like to purchase one. If there is one with a monitor, even better!

    Somebody in another thread mentioned this computer with a 9800 GTX: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...ct_id=12347221

    I think it looks good. Is there a better value. I'd like to keep my purchase as close to $400 as possible. Thank you all for the help!

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    Re: Budget Computer for WoW

    Learn to build one!

    2.6GHz Quad Core - $100

    4850 Graphics Card - $50

    Misc. Gigabyte Motherboard - $60

    650 Watt Power Supply - $75

    4GB RAM -$100

    DVD Drive - $20

    Case - $50-$100

    Total Cost: ~$400-$450 + tax

    Total Cost w/ Hired Nerd to Assemble: ~$450-$500

    You can knock off some cost by getting a lesser graphics card, such as a 4830, or 2GB RAM vs. 4GB

    get the stuff from www.newegg.com.

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