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    Re: Icecrown, End of Arena Season 7, 01/05 Hotfixes

    Quote Originally Posted by Radium01
    What does it matter if Pugs are defeating Marrowgar, Deathwhisper and Gunship?
    They'll wipe on Saurfang anyway
    But for how long? Nerf HP inc. Same with Festergut and Rotface.

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    Re: Icecrown, End of Arena Season 7, 01/05 Hotfixes

    People will still leave instance regardless of nerfs and loot boosts. Many players don't like it and nothing will change that. I think Oculus is great, different dungeon, uncommon mechanics, multidimensional =), combination of normal and drakes combat. It was easily doable in 3.0, before drake-gear-boosts, nerfs (when 5x amber was something bit challenging). Anyway everytime I get there I don't mind people leaving it, only means good players will stay and we'll make it quicker.
    Edit: after all the nerfs and gear upgrade you don't even need proper tank

    Not bad solution would be to set kinda cooldowns after players leaving.
    I don't know Finder's mechanics, but there is moment when specific players from queue and dungeon are chosen. Would be good if person who left e.g. oculus before would not be able to get there for next 2-3 tries/hours/days (could also put them in end of queue). Before Finder was implemented players not intereseted in it were simply not going there - make them leave and not allow to come back for longer time for both - ours (ppl who stayed) and their (leavers) good.
    This would kinda work as well for tanks farming Hilts in HoR (someone wrote about it earlier). They leave it should be harder to get there back for them.

    I just can't stand reading shammies moaning about BL drums, shittness of their class, raid invitations ending for them, etc. Few examples:
    • Wrath of Air totem is only (not replacable) 5% spell haste buff :O
    • Improved Earth Strength Totem is ultimate/best Agi/Str combination buff giving 178 of both (instead of 155 Horn of Winter) - you max professions to get 40 mor str and 23 agi/str for each raid member is nothing?
    • Drums: Look at the kings/motw drums - they not as good as origin ones. Drum Kings do 8% instead of 10%, so BL drums will prolly last 30secs or give 30% of haste, or both!
      It will be just good addition to some 5/10 setups which can't get the shammy.
      Only problem could be with cooldowns when people in pugs use it with no sense, and it's hard to say who used it.
    • Restos are imba raid healers, Ancestral Healing giving fulltime 10% damage reduction oO
    Plus many others like 280sp no matter what, 5%crit for spell, etc.
    Any good player will get invite to raid in sense guild. Dps is not everything, and even if gearing up (to make dps more than enough for top content) is easier than ever. Go Oculus for extra badges.

    Nerfing ICC
    No comment. Just thinking either Blizzard is stupidly blind or this is intended to make Wow1.0 die slowly.


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    Re: Icecrown, End of Arena Season 7, 01/05 Hotfixes

    I dont think people will stay in occulus groups regardless of extra thriumps/chance for drake...some people don't understand that it's been nerfed into oblivion and is now pretty easy.

    As for HoR nerf,usualy im not so fond of nerfs,but Hor...i tried tanking it once and spend a week only queing as dps after...
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    Re: End of Arena Season 7, 01/05 Hotfixes

    Quote Originally Posted by Abani

    Get over yourself.

    There's nothing elitist about wanting a challenge.
    And since Blizzard is FORCING this tripe on us for weeks, before we can even access heroic.
    There should be at least some brain activity required to do the encounters.

    So far it's an absolute bore.

    Ulduar normal modes were so much more fun and even offered some challenge on release. Then even after they nerfed it into the ground there still was decent challenge.

    Really. Games are meant to be PLAYED not watched, my friend.

    I'm truly sorry you don't enjoy playing games that offer any degree of challenge.
    Even more sorry that you are pissy about those who do.
    I agree that there's nothing wrong with wanting a challenge. Challenge is good.

    What IS a problem is a mass c**kblock that impedes a lot of people from seeing important content on the easiest difficulty available, especially when it's the second goddamn boss out of twelve. If you're going to put in a roadblock, you don't do it at the front door. You do it near or at the end (Arthas), and you do it to all non-trivial content (hard modes).

    People bitching about how easy normal ICC is should find something constructive to do.

    Roll an alt with the new Dungeon Finder (zomg it's awesome if your battlegroup doesn't suck).
    Get a hobby.

    If you really want to prove how 1337 you are...

    Try something like that. Tackle Uld, ToC, or even ICC while severely under-geared. Figure out where your skill ends and your gear begins. Clear Naxx in vendor-sold white gear if you're that good.

    Everyone, even the PUGs deserve to see all the content if they can pass the most basic of competency checks. If lady deathwhisper was preventing that (preventing people from seeing the airship battle no less!) then her normal mode deserves a nerf.

    ...I do hope her hard mode is soul-crushing though.

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    Re: Icecrown, End of Arena Season 7, 01/05 Hotfixes

    Now that they nerfed Deathwhisper those pugs will be able to go to the flying battle and finally face Deathbringer where they will ultimately fail. When I first read that change I thought "Why did they nerf this piss-easy fight when Deathbringer is so much more difficult (given you have either retards in your raid or just not enough dps and you will really want to bring a LOT) but then I realised.. sure.. if those raids already failed at Deathwhisper they can't possibly know how miserably they would fail at Deathbringer..

    That being said.. Deathbringer nerf inc. as soon as those idiots get to him and realise how easy Deathwhisper was :P

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    Re: Icecrown, End of Arena Season 7, 01/05 Hotfixes

    Quote Originally Posted by Skulver

    I am not really expecting to see icecrown pugged widely in the forseeable future, the biggest block to pugging it is going to be the amount of time it takes. You are going to be looking at an instance that will take 4 hours plus to clear, for most people that means two nights raiding and that is pretty much the deathknell for pugs. That is the intention of the 3rd phase of icecrown nerfs, when the boss health and damage slowly deteriorate. It will be to reduce the raid time and make it more puggable. Normal mode icecrown however is not going to be particularly difficult but the time factor is enough to keep most PUGs away for now. I suspect the second wing is going to be about the upper limit of what most PUGs will manage in a night. Yeah you can go back the second day to finish it but in reality half the people from the PUG won't show up and most others won't want to skip the easier earlier bosses for a chance at the later ones which will make it harder to fill up the raid.
    Probably around 5, seeing as Valithria Dreamwalker fight will take 45 minutes+ except for hardcore groups (the achievment, last time I checked, was heal her to full in 30 minutes, so I assume much higher for a regular kill). Healing a raidboss to full would be a bitch, no matter what hp she was at.
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