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    Meter Addon

    Quick question: Anyone know of a healing/DPS meter that wont chew up memory? An addon that syncs after combat would be sexy but idk if it exists...

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    Re: Meter Addon

    Skala or skada or something like that... as far as i know, it uses WAY less memeory then recount.
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    Re: Meter Addon

    Even if you found one, no one else would use it and it'd be useless because it would have nothing to sync to. SOMEONE has to to track it during combat.

    Basically: Probably doesn't exist. Memory is cheap, spend the 15 bucks to upgrade if it's that much of an issue, or just don't worry about it.

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    Re: Meter Addon

    Recount, well if you know how to configure it. Just go to the option tool and have a look around.

    Also you can choose from "Overall Damage,healing, w/e", to "this fight" then it'll reset every time a fight resets, and starts.

    I dunno how much it helped, but here you have it anyways :

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    Re: Meter Addon

    First reply had it right. Check out "Skada". It and Recount are both extremely popular - Skada is mentioned in UI forums about as often as Recount is, nowadays.
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