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    Rhey UI instalation problem

    This is the UI at WoWInterface: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...o=&page=4#info

    Hey, I really like this UI but i have a problem installing it. I have done all the steps of course, they are very simple but there still appears to be a problem with it. My screen looks like this

    First i thought it was the problem with the WTF folder and the account name ( battlenet e-mail) but I've tried both and I think I've found out that the game looks at the account name not the battlenet e-mail address, don't ask me how I know that . Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?

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    Re: Rhey UI instalation problem

    1) You're correct, it uses the Account Name, not the Battle.Net Account.

    2) Did you follow all the directions properly? Changing the profiles on the addons, etc.?
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