Thread: UI reset?

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    UI reset?

    Did anyone expirience like their WTF folder was deleted and all their add ons were reset
    also, i cannot type in any chat (Trade,guild,general,whispers) this was with no addons active(turned all offf)
    and its really odd maybe someone else expirienced this.

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    Re: UI reset?

    Okay, that's screwy. Your WTF folder going missing isn't a big deal, since all that stuff will be put into its proper place the next time you log in. However, the UI stuff is wonky. It sounds like it might be a mod bug. I'd clean out my Addons folder, download fresh copies of all the mods you use and redo your UI. Were there any mods you'd recently acquired prior to this mishap?
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    Re: UI reset?

    I'va had this problem three times since last week. My WTF folder wasn't deleted, but some add-ons have been reset, others were still intact.

    The wierdest thing is : each time, different random add-ons were affected, and some that were affected once were intact the next time.
    Also, one add-on didn't really reset, but took an old setting from 6 months ago.

    Plus I've had problems reconfiguring some of them, as some of their graphical components were missing completely, even if I used the reset/load default settings button.

    Now, I have made a copy of my WTF folder in case this happens once again, in order to overwrite the flawed settings.

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    Re: UI reset?

    Most likely, it's a result of computer crashes or power outages, or other times when your computer stopped suddenly. WoW crashes can also do this - the files get corrupted or damaged during instant shutdowns, sometimes.
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