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    Reduce your lag

    I found this tweak that alters the acknowledge rate of your TCP packets to acknowledge on every packet from the server instead of every 2nd packet. This has reduced my latency in game from around 180-220 mark to 70-90 mark.

    Not specifically Shaman related I know but its done wonders for me and I thought I'd spread the word. There is a full undo script if you don't get a benefit from the change (unlikely). I've also analysed what the script is doing as I'm that paranoid and can give it my personal seal of approval and recommendation. This is a completely genuine script that simply tweaks a windows default to make your game run with less lag. It can an will improve your dps by reducing your lag.

    NB. You won't notice the difference in Lagaran, nothing can make that place lag free other than Cataclysm.
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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I can confirm this is an awsome fix, been using it since toc was released I dropped from 200+ms down to 50ms, you REALLY notice the response time after you have applied it, numerous people in my former guild tried it and it gave all a very nice performance boost
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    Re: Reduce your lag

    giving it a try. cut my dalaran latency in half (180->90). This could be nice.
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    Re: Reduce your lag

    cut mine down from 250 to around 115 or so. thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I wish these fixes would drastically reduce my lag. Internet over here in New Zealand is horrible, raiding on 350ms and fixes like this usually don't take me less than 300ms, even tunnels I only get to about 250

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I use this as well, cut my latency in half.

    I also use an addon for WoW that causes spellcasts to trigger on key press instead of key release:

    I prefer how the game feels with this addon, although the difference is more subtle than the 50% latency reduction from Leatrix. (Enhancement PvE) (Boomkin/Guardian, PvE)

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    Yeah, gave this a whirl and mine went down from 170 to 95'ish, so good stuff, thanks for the tip Levva!

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    wow 65 ms in dal cheers!

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I used it on my old computer. But from what I heard it was default in Win7. However, I have latency in the mid 200s, rather than 40-50 when I used the tweak.

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I tried this before and it did nothing. I'm from Australia with great net ( 15mbps) averaging 290-350ms.

    Though I've read Windows 7 has all these fixes incorporated, and I've seen no change since vista. ( I'm cheap and still on W7 RC)

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    OP: sucks it doesnt work on win7, I'd downgrade but having extra ram at my disposal> 200ms =[

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    This does work on Windows 7 as well.

    You can get lower latency, but at the cost of extra spikes and a feeling of choppiness, at least with my computer/ISP.

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    Thanks a lot - I will definately try this out.

    Also got FPS problems when there's a lot of AoE - anyone got a hint how I can reduce this without missing all spell detail etc?

    Got a GeForce 7950 GT on a 2,13 GHz dual-core with 2GB RAM, so it's not state-of-the-art, but IMHO I still should be able to run WoW?
    Btw I'm also farming herbs and mine nodes so got viewing distance set to max, don't know if this has something to do with it.

    The rest of the settings are on default, which I believe is in the higher end. Donno which of them to tweak on or if it might be due to addons like SCT or something?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    Is there a Mac version ?

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I saw another post about this same fix a week ago. I'm on Windows 7 in the UK, using the EU servers in France. I think this definitely helped my pings!

    When I've bothered to check... before I as getting between 120-160ms, now it's like 40-90ms.

    I've seen many posts saying this issue has been resolved in previous WoW patches, and now Windows 7. But all I can say is I'm pretty sure it's made a difference for me. So, it's worth trying and seeing what if anything it does for you.

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    Confirm. I wanted to post that some months ago, but I thought you already knew it

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I use a small prog called fasterping. I believe It does the same thing.

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    Thanks Levva!

    Works great for my lvl72 shaman (and my other toons too of course )!

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    I run the script and couldn't believe my eyes, my ping dropped from around 280 to 64ms. Is there any negative consequences of this?

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    Re: Reduce your lag

    omg thanks! Works perfectly! Went from ~250 to ~50 =) Elemental Shaman PEW PEW LAZER DPS!

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