Thread: t9 set bonus q.

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    t9 set bonus q.

    Hello i got the ilvl232 parts (hands + legs) for the set bonus 6sec longer duration on VT.
    I got better ilvl on head,chest,shoulders, but its random parts no t9.
    And recently i got a new pair of gloves that are alot better then the gloves i have so is it worth it to drop the set bonus for the gloves or should i do some HCs and trade my chest or something for a new T9 part to maintain the set bonus?
    I've done some looking on it and seen many that have the 2set bonus still but is it worth it when u start getting ICC gear?


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    Re: t9 set bonus q.

    the extra 6 secs is really nice tbh my advice wud be to keep it for as long as possible as it allows dp and vt to be reapplied at near enuff the same time

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