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    Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    Which is easiest to level as? I've read a little bit about Shadow and know it's pure DPS. Discipline seems like it would be fun since it's a hybrid of Healing and DPS and I do enjoy healing. I don't want to go Holy yet as I'm saving that for when I hit 80 and actually start raiding.
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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    Shadow By far is faster and easier. The only exception is that with Discipline you're more likely to survive difficult fights, such as if you pull too many mobs.

    Also, Discipline is a healing spec, not a healing/dps spec. You're likely to do just about the same amount of damage as Holy (maybe more as holy, though I'm not going to test it).

    One great strength for Priests though, is our base healing before talents is very good compared to some of the other healing classes (partially because we're going to be in spell-power gear either way). So you can heal most instances as Shadow anyway, so don't spec Discipline just so you can heal in Instances while leveling.

    That being said, Leveling as Discipline was a lot of fun for me, I take a very laid back pace at leveling though (especially since it's my first character) so it's not a big deal that it was a little slower, even so, I switched to shadow every now and then for a few levels.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    holy is a far better leveling spec than discipline but shadow is leaps and bounds above both.

    regardless of whatever you chose you should have points in spirit tap while leveling. It makes your regen way faster moving from mob to mob out in the world. also stack spirit for this same reason. spirit tap + spirit gear speeds up the grind process drasticly for a priest.
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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    It also depends on how you want to level. The new dungeon finder makes it so that you can get instant groups for any low level dungeon if you're a healer or tank, but as dps can take several minutes.

    If you want to grind quests, then shadow is the way to go.
    If you want to grind dungeons, than Disc/holy and heal to 80.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    i leveled holy till 40, it was easiest. after that i was shadow the whole way. 65-79 shadow is awesome.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    Shadow IMO.

    Best deeps and I was able to heal through vanilla and TBC dungeons in shadow spec. You may have to test a few at WOTLK level and decide if you need to switch there, I was DPS while leveling and didnt try healing in those dungeons, we had a dedicated healer with us.

    But do what YOU like.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    Shadow seems junk nowadays until you get shadowform. After you have a lot of spellpower, holy and disc become pretty good aswell. So basically shadow between 40 and 65, the rest can be any spec.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    If you're tired of shadow when you hit 71, try 31/28/3 for shits and giggles. Go for spirit+crit and you will have a blast. It held up surprizingly well in PvP too when I used it.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    seeing as shadow is trash intill you get the talents amassing 25% more shadow damage, ending with shadow form at 40, i would suggest a smite spec with holy, holy fire is amazing at any level once you get it, and after that, with smite spec and smite glyph you push out some serious early fight burst, soemthing you need whilst leveling.

    although as said earlier, whatever spec you choose, your first points should always be spirit tap.

    my personal choice when i leveled mine - holy till 40, shadow (with, in my case disc as dual spec) thereafter, also, in terms of gearing for raids at 80, disc is a much easyer healing spec for heroics than holy.

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    Re: Leveling: Shadow or Discipline?

    Harky wrote a big and detailed sticky that discusses all the different solo levelling specs. Best to read that first then ask questions in that thread, that's what it's for.


    If you read it you'll see he recommends going smite from 1->40, then shadow until mid 60s. After that it's really a personal choice because playstyle preferences will greatly outweigh inherent advantages.

    I would agree with his assessment, that was pretty much how I levelled back in TBC.

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