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    DISC VS HOLY discussion

    I have always played as a disc. but here lately i have been asked to convert to HOLY.

    So i would like to know the pros and cons of both specs in discussion

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    Re: DISC VS HOLY discussion

    So uh, your sig being removed is because really big images like that are annoying to have at the bottom of every post. Putting it inside the post itself just makes it more annoying...

    Anyway, Holy vs Disc is a big topic that has a lot of fight based issues to be considered. You're most likely being asked to go Holy because your groups need higher throughput on raid heals.

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    Re: DISC VS HOLY discussion

    Apples and oranges.

    Discipline is a specc based around absorption. It's pretty much an OP specc if meter whoring is your thing (just remember to include absorbs), but the downside is that it is hard to fit more than one discpriest into the raid (weakened soul being the primary problem). The discpriest can handle tankhealing in 10mans (penance is awesome), but will struggle badly on that job in 25mans, and are often left to "bubblespam" the raid. "Bubblespam" is the discpriest preferred style of raidhealing, and works rather well to be honest - it will improve raid survivability by astronomical margins, but remember that people will still need heals. Disc is labelled by many as a "support healer". I think it's a good description; the discpriest bring a unique healing style complementing all other healers, while offering very useful utility in the process. Discpriests like spellpower and moderate amounts of crit, and stack amazingly with intellect making them relieved of mana issues at a very early stage. The downsides is that discpriests often lack that extra punch to their heals. Expect to envy paladins.

    A holypriest is a pure raidhealer, as the MT healing capabilities of a holypriests is rather laughable. A holypriest can still heal a tank in a 10man though, but will be extremely strained while doing so. The main forte of a holypriest is burst aoe healing, which is useful on the lich king, and pretty much useless everywhere else, meaning that a holypriest often bring nothing special beyond Guardian Spirit (which rocks!). For almost all content, a holypriest will be assigned to mopping up random raid damage. Holypriests have a good toolbox for handling this type of damage, but the main downside is that all the tools cost a massive amount of mana. The holypriest as such is the only raidhealer around that actively watch their manabar; proper use of cooldowns make or break a holypriest. Holypriests like every single stat in the game, including the oft-shunned spirit - there is no bad holypriest stat, but on the flipside there is no amazing holypriest stat either. A major priority for a holypriest is still to get a decent amount of haste as that is required to keep up with the druids and the shammies. Holypriests heals are generally strong, but often you have to sacrifice this forte by itemizing hard for manaregen. A good regen trinket is paramount as holy. Expect to envy druids.

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    Re: DISC VS HOLY discussion

    99% of the time I keep a holy spec and a disc spec, depending on the fight and/or other healers I switch back and forth. But really play each spec for a raid and I'm sure you'd come up with pros/cons of your own.
    Both have there place, I wouldnt say one is better.

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    Re: DISC VS HOLY discussion

    I think Danner hit all the major points of each spec but I would like to add my own thoughts too.

    From my perspective, I found it much easier to switch from holy->disc than disc->holy. As Danner said, Holy tends to gear around "builtin" mana regen to keep up with their costly spells where as disc can almost go 'balls-to-the-wall' with throughput due to their mana efficiency. If you were to flip-flop, a disc priest in holy gear would probably have a nearly endless mana pool (and still some decent throughput) whereas a disc-geared priest would be OOM as holy pretty quickly.

    I would personally avoid trying to gear/itemize for both specs because you will end up falling short on both ends. ATM, holy is generally the more desirable healer for raiding given the bosses in ICC. At the same time, I find there is no real reason to have more than 1 holy and disc priest in a 25-man raid.

    Given the current state of both specs, there is no absolute reason to choose one over the other. Unless one spec is getting a major nerf/buff in Cata, I would say feel free to play whichever spec you want but understand the roles of each one.

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    Re: DISC VS HOLY discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Danner
    Apples and oranges.
    I wish people would stop trying to play the 'apples and oranges' card like it means anything. Both have many, many, many similarities. Including size, shape, texture, skin type, seed type, flavor profile, acidity, nutritional value, cooking profiles, etc etc. I mean why don't you say pop tarts and testicular cancer? Then again both can cause problems with the digestive system, discomfort, both have uses involving radiation and both can induce nausea.

    ps: Love the rest of the post.

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    Re: DISC VS HOLY discussion

    my main is a priest and i have been Disc since a few days after dinging 80 on him. my job was to heal the tanks in my old guild and i did a fairly nice job of it in icc 10 and 25. and we made very good progress for the time on our server. not saying that was down to me healing tanks ofc it wasn't it was down to the raid being pro / not messing up. but my point is Disc tank healing is very much alive in 10 and 25 and i had the most awsome amount of fun doing it.

    now the problem. my old guild disbanded as the GM had to study to become a doctor so was awake from the computer nearly all the time. this lead to me joining one of the other top guild on the server along with allot of our old members.

    the problem with the new guild is the GM is a Disc priest and i was entering as the 3ed disc priest. what hit me when first joining was the fact there were actually other people raiding in disc still i was beginning to think i was the only one. ok so problem number 2 i got my raidspot and i thought oh good jump in heal some tanks lovely... NOOOOOOOOOOOO i was bubble spamming half the raid the other disc the other half. ok i figured this wasnt a bad thing the other 3 healers were pro we had 1 raid healing 2 on the tanks (and they weren't palas). i wondered why i wasn't choosen for the role of tank healing since its what i was best at doing and rather skilled at it (and i also think disc does a better job at tank healing than shammy/druid).

    After a while i come to realise this was how the guild always worked befor i joined and i had to respect that but i really didn't want to sit arround just casting bubbles and keeping POM on cooldowns and tossing odd flash heal / renew this was boring as hell.

    I eventually gave in went to priest trainer set my pvp spec to holy and started to raid some 25man none heroic content as holy. to my surprise it was really fun. it was actually more fun than spamming a tank and definitely more fun than spamming a bubble and getting frustrated with lack of aoe heal on disc spec.

    The feeling of both specs is about the same Disc feels really OP with the absorbs etc Holy feels very nice (but at first i worried about mana over that now)
    holy is a more fun play style to me at the moment and i dont think this is because its just something i didn't try much of and something new. i really think its a fun spec to play.

    the only frustration with holy is the Recount nabs that stair at healing meters because in icc druids and shamans will walk all over you. as a disc priest you have an excuse to be low on healing due to absorbs as holy you just dont. i can outheal and under over heal alot of the better geared healers on my server in holy spec but when put up against something like a shaman and a druid with the hots and channelled heals in icc you dont have a chance in topping meter in holy so get ready to be shouted at by all the noobs in pugs.

    just play what spec you enjoy they are equal and fun to play both specs but dont be disappointed if your asked to just cast bubble and listen to tacts.

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