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    Re: Buying a new computer

    i'm not sure about the power something like that needs, specially if you intend to get another gfx card in the future to use in cross-fire... so that's something i would check before buying the power supply... i know nvidias tend to need more power, but as i said i'm not sure about those, its probably enough like that but a little tight if u get another of those ati

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    Re: Buying a new computer

    I was handed a micro-ATX tower and threw an AMD Athlon II X2 (3.1GHz), 4GB RAM, a GeForce 9800GT, and a 500GB HDD (7200RPM) in there (the onboard sound is fine for almost anything I can throw at it).

    This thing laughs at Crysis on all but 100% maxxed settings. Don't discount hardware just because some elitists point out that the i7 is technically better. Sure you're future-proofing yourself for 100% max-ing the next graphics behemoth, but do you need it? Probably not.

    As far as power supplies... I have a link for you.
    It's a tool from NewEgg that will calculate the wattage you need based on the components you've already selected for your computer. And it's damn good at it.

    WHAT, SIGNING MY NAME AS A SIGNATURE?! I must be against everything the internet stands for.. or something.

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    Re: Buying a new computer

    Now with this boot drive, is it only to your OS or would it make load times on games faster. As in if I got a 300 gig one and saved my games on it or would it just be smart to save the OS on it and save the games to the other hard drive.

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    Re: Buying a new computer

    here is some info for you tards
    like i said yes the i7 is faster
    but when the res goes up cpu does not matter as much however there are some games it does matter on like crysis

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