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    Improvement in 2s

    Hello All im a Blood Elf from Medivh'
    This is my link for my 2s team I'm wondering if anyone runs SPriest with a healer.I'm running with a holy pally right now and were having a hard time in the 1500.
    Normally i just kill the healers and my pally heals me through the dps damage.Its been going well but I am having a hard time keeping the healer in my sight to do dps any advice.
    I just wanted some advice on how i can improve on my 2s team.
    I'm running no addons so any addon advice would be nice and I'm still obtaining my pvp gear.

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    Re: Improvement in 2s

    I think you would be bad at playing an Elemental Turret, I mean Shaman, if you have trouble keeping people in LoS as a SPriest.
    Has opinions about stuff.
    Character - Danrar (Forever Holy Priest)

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