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    questions about my disc priest.


    Can you please tell me anything you see that might be a problem ? Besides the leg enchant/gems since im going to replace it soon. Also I just replaced the pvp gloves with Zabra's Handwraps of Triumph. Anyways my question is; do I have too much int ? What else can you see that might make my priest better at discipline ?

    kind regards

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    Re: questions about my disc priest.

    Have you tried it out yet? I'd be very surprised if you ever, ever had mana issues, which leads to the suggestion that you should replace some of your int gems with spellpower. The only place worth considering placing an int/mp5 gem would be in the helm, where you effectively trade 2 SP for 5 mp5, not a bad bargain. If you feel you need to socket some int as well as SP, use the luminous gems. You get +1 SP per pair versus separate SP and int gems due to the way they're budgeted.

    For spec, pick up power infusion -- for one point, it's worth it. You may find yourself throwing it on a top caster dps more often than yourself, but there are times where the extra throughput it can provide you can be very helpful. Also, I'd encourage you to drop the 2 pts in improved renew (they'd be better placed in healing focus). Each of these talents are only situationally useful, but you'll find the extra pushback resistance to be more valuable in the long run. As to 5/5 divine fury, you really don't have enough haste to make GH a staple spell at this time. Pull one of the points from that to put into power infusion, and consider moving another into desperate prayer (for one point it's a helluva 'oh $#!^' button, especially when you're on the move). You may or may not wish to keep the remaining 3 there or slide them over to spell warding, that being a matter of personal preference.

    One other thing: I'm a big proponent of Tuskarr's Vitality (stam / movement speed) to boots. The spirit really isn't that great (and if you want the regen from it, go w/ the mp5 enchant), but the ability to move just a little faster can make all the difference in the world. It's of benefit in every single fight in ToC, and I expect it to be helpful in some of the later ICC fights as well.

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    Re: questions about my disc priest.

    Excellent answer from Bigslick^^

    My point of view is that is you go through 32k mana raid buff this is more than enough to avoid any mana issue, considering you can benefit of replenishment in your raid, and that you correctly use PW:S to ensure you take the maximum bénéfit from extase for mana regen. Also keep in minf that using Shadowfiend + prayer of hope (all together this is important) is part of a fight schedule, trying to stack int to avoid using them is a huge stats loss for your class imo.

    So make your own experiment, lowering int and increasing SP, but if you wanna go through divine fury and use GH as part of your healing cycle, then you can trade int for haste. In this cas you should at least target 650-700 haste score to have the shorter GH cast time as possible with and maybe more important without BT on yourself.

    It depends how you play your priest : id you cast GH then trade int for SP and haste, if only using FH then run for SP^^

    Hope this can be usefull to you!

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