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    which shoulders?

    So i am looking at some Triumph gear for my Spriest, and I am not sure which to get. The Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation (http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/47714/p...hic-emanation/) or the Mantle of Revered mortality (http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/47716/m...red-mortality/). They both cost the same and are almost identical, except one has hit + crit, the other has haste + spirit. I am leaning towards the haste + spirit, as I think that is better for shadow priests right now and I am already over the hit cap. OR, should i go with the hit and try to max out spell power or haste elsewhere? Is the spirit on the one bettter than the crit on the other? im going in circles here. thanks for any replies.

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    Re: which shoulders?

    I think that would be entirely dependent on what your gear looks like right now, and what pieces of T10 and ICC you see yourself getting in the near future. For example, I know I have a few pieces of gear (Shriveled Heart in particular) that I've been sitting on for a week or so until I get a reputable mace/dagger to use it with.

    The hit one may not seem so great now, but future gear choices could result in you wishing you had gotten those shoulders instead.

    Or farm PUGs and get both just in case.

    Any Armory to link?

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    Re: which shoulders?

    yes here is my armory, unfortunately i am in my 2nd spec, disc, as i can get groups faster that way and this is for my shadow spec, the one i never get to use any more... :-\ Anyways, I dont raid, i mostly just do heroics, saving up the emblems of frost, but those are slow going...


    these are actualy my dps shoulders to right now...

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    Re: which shoulders?

    Hmm, honestly get two pieces of T9 for the OP VT bonus if you can, and I would go as far as suggesting getting the 232 gear to get that bonus over getting the 245 gear you can obtain from just badges alone.

    I am assuming you are not able to get Trophies from either ToC 25 or ToGC 10.

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