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    Hello guys! I haven't play WoW some months now and now i logged in again to play i realised something.
    In martyrdom talent in disci tree 2d tier, sais that 10% (20% full talented) reduced interrupt effects. THat meens interrupts like spell lock/ CS/ kick/ Windsear? And does it stuck with the 1st tier talent Unbreakable will? I'm just curious...'cause it may be interesting in some speccing if it works that way.

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    But you would need to be crit to get the effect...

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    That's right, the Martyrdom talent is a buff that procs from melee/ranged crits, and this buff itself is what provides the pushback resistance and the Interrupt duration decrease. If you were fighting wizard it would probably never proc for you. If you were fighting TSG it might be up all the time.

    Sounds like you're also misunderstanding either Martyrdom or Unbreakable Will. Martyrdom buff decreases the time that you are locked out by Interrupt effects by 20%. Unbreakable Will reduces the time you are Stun/Silenced/Feared. The two don't share any of the same effects, there's no overlap, so there's no stacking.

    Unbreakable Will is always taken. Martyrdom is skipped most of the time on live.

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    Thanks for the answer guys! Yea,me too is also specced to unbreakable will so far.I was just curious after some convertation that i had with a rl friend. Thanks again. I won't bother spec in to that....

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