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    Authenticar / WOW account association

    I've recently bought an authenticator for my wow account but am having problems linking the authenticator to my wow account.

    I follow the link from the literature I recieved with the authenticator to www.blizzard.com/security-token/

    I then follow the link there to associate the authenticator to my wow account by logging into account management. This is where I have my problem.... I get a message "account error". "This Battle.net account does not have any World of Warcraft accounts associated with it. To merge a World of Warcraft account with this Battle.net account, click here."

    The problem is my wow account is definitely merged with a battlenet account already. I log in with an email adress and have been playing since it was mandatory to log into wow with a battlenet account. If I do follow the link to merge my wow account with battlenet I can clearly see my wow account already listed under "Manage my games". If I try and merge my wow account using my old none email account name anyway then I just get the message "You have already merged this account".

    I have a friend who has the exact same problem every time he's tried to associate his authenticator with his account for the last few days.

    I made a post on the technical support forum but that will probably take ages to be answered as would an in game ticket which would probably just get answered while I was offline anyway.

    If anyone who has any experience of this problem or has any idea how to solve it then i'd appreciate any help you can give. I'm an EU player... not sure if this makes any difference.

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    Re: Authenticar / WOW account association

    Nvm worked it out myself. The link that comes on the info with the authenticator is very misleading though... sends you on a wild goose chase to a web page that tells you that you haven't merged your wow account with battlenet when in fact you have.

    For anyone who has the same issue you just need to log into your battlenet account page then go to "change security options" which is located near the top right of the page under account management / my profile. Then you just type in the 10 number code on the back of the authenticator and the generated 6 number code from the display.

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    Re: Authenticar / WOW account association


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    Re: Authenticar / WOW account association

    yawn another spelling nazi. You aren't as intelligent as you think or you'd have noticed I typed the post at 5:30 in the morning and so maybe I was bit too tired to bother spell checking the post.... especially since it's hardly an important matter.

    If it makes you happy I spelt authenticator correctly in the second post (yes spelt is an actual word before you go checking like the loser you are). Rest easy knowing that you are a cock.

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    Re: Authenticar / WOW account association

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