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Your job is to heal, DPS is doing their job by DPSing.
Their job is also to buff appropriate, purge appropriately and do a ton of other stuff. By not dropping totems on trash their dps is lower than it otherwise would be. They're not doing their job at all.

By having people drag your lazy, selfish ass through the instance, you aren't proving anything.
On the contrary, I'm healing all the people who actually do their job, I'm just refusing to drag the shaman's lazy selfish ass through the instance.

Refusing to do your job is not even remotely related to evolution, I wouldn't even stretch that far enough to even say that it's artificial selection.
You're right, it's education with attitude.

As for totems, in heroics I could care less if they drop them, stuff like ancestral call costs alot of mana when you only use the totem buff for ~8 seconds before moving on. Especially for enhance shamans, dropping totems every pull is like having to give greater fortitude every pull, magma totem + fire nova is often good enough. You can't really argue shamanistic rage because you won't get any mana back since everything dies so fast, it pretty much only gives you a good return on bosses.
That's such bullshit. Lets just consider Mana spring - the cost is about 170, you get back 40 when you recall, so 130. Even if the trash only lived 8 seconds you'd get the cost back. If the trash lives longer, and it very often does, as so much dps in LFG is either fail or just slack - then you are gaining more precious mana. Moreover if trash is dying so fast, you can spend more time using watershield while running to the next pull - omg more mana!

Apparently mana is the biggest issue, so in that case the shaman should be dropping MS religiously! Yet somehow it is too hard. They could also switch shields between trash pulls while running - too hard also. Don't make excuses, this isn't about the mana costs, this is just about wanting to be lazy.

I've played enhance, and I've oomed myself, but it wasn't Mana Spring, SoE, or windfury that oomed me - it was timing CDs badly.