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    Moonkin PvP Questions

    Hello guys. I just need some tips on playing Moonkin PvP. Switched recently from Feral and I'm having some troubles.

    First of all I couldn't find a legit site concerning the Gems i should be using for 5.3. Noxxic.com suggests mostly stamina gems, witch I find it a bit odd. So i disregard that and went for PvP power and crit. To my understanding resilience sucks at this point so i didn't pay any attention to it, since i thought that even if i had gemmed for resilience i would have gained +5% more, thus reaching 70% instead of the common 65%, which I don't know how much of a difference it would have made.

    I'm aware of the haste breakpoints in PvE but i assume these change in PvP? So this basically means to go for pure crit and pvp power?

    Regarding the play style in BGs; just run, hot and wait for a shooting stars procs and obviously use the proper CCs when you're being chased.

    On another note, with the changes in resilience should i be fully pvp geared even if my pve items are of a much higher ilvl than the pvp ones i can obtain at the moment (476-malevolent S13) ?

    In general i would appreciate some legit answers from proficient people on how to improve my play style cause at the moment I basically suck.

    Appreciate your help

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    It's still not very clear for patch 5.3 but so far looks like crit is a way to go. Get haste to 5273 and then crit. There is no point to get more resilience, 2% more won't help you much. It's all about practice, only very good moonkins can survive and do proper damage.

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    Thanks for your response man. Can you elaborate on the haste cap though? I know that this is meant for PvE without the t14 4/4 but in PvP I consider it a waste to go for such a high haste since my dots won't tick for long as I'll basically be refreshing them far more frequently than on a boss fight. Isn't it more beneficial to go full crit and haste whatever?

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    Go crit and nothing but. Get socket bonuses where you can. Make sure you use the resto helm.

    Your damage can be split into either spread, mana-draining pressure, i.e. dots, which have their own array of limitations, or on-demand damage that is necessary for kills. Both sorts of damage are very relevant and important. Spread pressure is the one that is easier to look at and judge a Moonkin by, but being quick on target swaps, and being able to put out that single target pressure is something several Moonkin don't do well enough. Putting out both types of damage to perfection is what will make you a deadly Moonkin.

    Crit/Mastery/Intellect/Haste all increase the spread portion of your damage, but Crit is the only one of those that also provides you with that on-demand burst, as starsurge procs are the major driving force behind your single-target burst. Taking out a shadowfiend before it's even cast its first fear, using starsurges as a mobile way of moving your Eclipse bar, mass starsurge proc tunneling into a single focus kill target which you get from having tonnes of dots up (something that's even easier to do now since they removed the in-flight rule), are all things you get to do with more crit.
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    Thank you m8

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