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    [Resto] Is there something I'm doing wrong???

    I am the swing healer/dps for my group. Our Healer comp consists of a Holy pally, MW monk, and myself. I am not TERRIBLY good with WoL so basically I'm just asking some of you more proficient people to analyze it so see if there is something else I could be doing. Some things to consider, I was stacked with the ranged group guiding where we were stacking to help make sure placement of ice was where we wanted it. That being said, I was often out of range of either one, or both tanks. I was in charge of dispels on Cinders. I was also in charge of using Tranquility on the 3rd and 6th rampage.

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    His logs for heroic 10 Magaera cause he never bothered to really point that out >_>
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    Your Lifebloom uptime was only 50%, it could have given you more healing done and more CC procs. Everything else looks solid, so looking at your overheal:

    Paladin overheal: 33%
    Monk overheal: 45%
    Your overheal: 45%

    Looks like you could drop a healer. If you don't, you'll always be at the bottom of the meters, since hots are bad in high overheal situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalur View Post
    Looks like you could drop a healer. If you don't, you'll always be at the bottom of the meters, since hots are bad in high overheal situations.
    I'm not sure if you have done heroic Megaera, but 2 healing is not really viable.

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    Is there anyway to see the overhealing done in the form of a graph just like healing done? The reason I ask is because if there is no over healing done in the rampages then I wouldn't really agree to drop to 2 heals. That being said, my mushrooms did a lot of overhealing. I had them at our stack points and fully charged (without spamming Rejuvs during non-rampage phases, I let them charge naturally) and was basically waiting til the end of rampage because I never had a good time to pop them. So maybe we could try it next week.

    I'll definitely be making a weakaura to help with my lifebloom up-time. I felt like I was better with lifebloom than that. I think that fight may be an anomaly due to me being out of range of tanks every now and again. It may be better just to lifebloom myself or a ranged dps during that fight.

    During lust you can see I'm basically shut out in heals by the MW and Hpally. Their HPS skyrocketed and mine plummeted.

    My main concern is that I'm doing something wrong as stated in the title. Obviously that was the case with the Lifebloom uptime. But is the difference I'm seeing in HPS between the MW/Hpally and myself normal? Is having two ranking healers and a Prot Pally pullling 67k hps just completely shutting me out? I feel the same way on Iron Qon a little bit. Speaking of which I'll post a Iron Qon kill after I get some fresh logs for it tonight.

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    We are triage healers. Your LB is the only big issue. If you out range tanks, just transfer it to yourself or another person taking dmg until you get back in range.

    Mushrooms, now that they are buffed, should be lower over heal. As you point out. Youhave to find the right time. Too many healers all pop their CDs at the start of rampage and don't spread them out, so finding the right time to bloom is important.

    In the end, if the Monk and Pally are as skilled of healers and as geared as you are, you can expect to be lowest on HPS. If you are killing bosses, it does not matter.

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