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    Re: So what mechanic do you want added to the Lich King encounter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhys
    I hate gearscore bashers.
    ... what's that I hear?
    OH LOOK! It's another bandwagon for you to jump onto! Quickly, before people stop caring about that too!
    Except it's not a bandwagon, it's pure logic. "Oh look, this guy has got 5k gearscore, OMFG HE ARE LEIK TUTALIEH IMBAAHHH!!", yet he stands in the fire all the time and nukes the target with all he's got, no matter if it's blowing up or spinning like a madman.

    I really hate Gearscore defenders.

    There's some nice suggestions here, although I don't see how the 1% heal and dps at 1% would be possible.

    Assuming the Lich King has got 8 million health in 10-player mode(only thing I raid, so bear with me), that'll be 80.000 health. Assuming a raid with 3 healers, two tanks and five dps, with average dps of 5k with tanks doing 2,5k, reduce that to 1% and you've got 50 dps from damage dealers, and 25 from the tanks.

    5 dps doing 50 dps = 250 dps.
    2 tanks doing 25 dps = 50 dps.
    That's a total raid damage of 300 dps.

    Now let's see at those 80.000 hit points. 80000 divided by 300 is 266,7 seconds. That's almost five minutes just to get him from 1% to death. Add to that 1% healing, and the boss still doing full damage, and it'll be literally impossible to kill him, unless the NPCs joining either wouldn't be affected by the damage reduction, or were throwing out buffs that'd help counter it(such as a buff cast on two players removing the damage reduction and increasing damage dealt by 100%)

    Otherwise the idea of reduced damage and healing the lower he gets is fine, just have to be realistic numbers However, I'm sure Blizzard has something planned for it

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    Re: So what mechanic do you want added to the Lich King encounter?

    Quote Originally Posted by KandyCane
    Except it's not a bandwagon, it's pure logic...

    blah blah blah...

    I really hate Gearscore defenders.
    If a person has a high gearscore it means they have put more time and effort into that character, which means they will know more about their class, but a person can still be a retard with a gearscore of 5000 or so. It's when a person's gearscore reaches 5300-5500+ is when it's pretty safe to say that "this person is good at their class" because for someone to have a gearscore that high, they will most likely have a fairly good guild, and what good guild is going to bring along someone who can't gem, enchant or use their gear properly.

    When it comes to tanks and to a lesser extent healers, if you are bad at your class, you won't be downing bosses so you won't be getting gear.

    Yes while in the 4-5k area it doesn't tell you much about the person, but once you hit the mid 5000s that's when gearscore can be used as skillscore.

    Of course these numbers are only valid right now.
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    Re: So what mechanic do you want added to the Lich King encounter?

    a little asses dasanis a bottles a waters
    QQ is the passive for every elitist.

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    Re: So what mechanic do you want added to the Lich King encounter?

    Quote Originally Posted by dulci5
    I'd love if Tirion Fordring would tank him with Ashbringer, and it would be a DPS race to get the Lich King down before Tirion dies.. Tirion did say that he would finish what he started at Light's Hope, I'm sure he'll be interacting with Arthas in the fight somehow 8)
    That would be Epic. Would love to see something like that. But our own tanks could get bored, but I'm sure the King of the Scourge can provide us with plenty to do.

    The Lich King is an incredibly powerfull being, and it wouldn't make sense fo a 10 or 25 man raid to be able to defeat him. We are going to need help from some of the more powerfull NPC's on this one. But He nearly killed Jaina/Sylvanas.

    Make our healers have to heal Tirion. And the NPCs. Make a standard 10 man raid, a 15 man one. We are responsible for keeping our allies alive during the encounter, as well as ourselves ofc.

    A perfect opportunity for hard modes on this guys and a truely epic finish to the Wrath of the Lich King.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spritely View Post
    That said, I'm going to bed. Having a conversation in this context with someone with an avatar alluding to heroine use is just odd.

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