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    Paragon ICC 25 stream - Fri 22th, 19:00 CET

    For those interested, our raid from Assembly Winter 2010 is being streamed by gaming.fi.

    The stream starts on Friday 22th (today) at 19:00 CET (in 1½ hours) and lasts for about two hours. The announcing is done in Finnish, but it's not like language barriers have kept bosses alive before! For those interested in our ICC 25 main raid, tune in to http://www.gaming.fi/live.

    A stream is also available from our website: http://www.paragon-wow.com/
    xaar | www.paragon-wow.com

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    Re: Paragon ICC 25 stream, Wed 19:00 CET

    It's Friday today.

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    Re: Paragon ICC 25 stream, Fri 19:00 CET

    Thank you, more sleep and less crack for me (main raid == wednesday, right?)
    xaar | www.paragon-wow.com

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    Re: Paragon ICC 25 stream - Fri 22th, 19:00 CET

    LOL you guys couldn't kill it before hotfix I assume??

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