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    A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    I started as a rogue 4 years ago, (who has since been deleted at 64 to "become" a death knight) and have since tried every class, most of them to at least 60. Grouping, specifically 5-man content, is what makes me love WoW, so much so that I abandoned my beloved ranged dps (I have two 70+ warlocks) for tanking and healing characters, just to enable groups for myself, and for my friends.

    Two things happened to this long-running status quo with 3.3 and the DF.

    1) I got to dps again! Everyone that thinks a hybrid queueing to dps is crazy due to wait time clearly has a short memory to forget pre 3.3, where instance-leveling as dps of any kind was laughably time-inefficient. I'll take 15 minutes of ps3 any day to use my dk's blood spec, or my priest's shadow spec. Which ties into the second point.

    2) The community accepted performance/gear expectations for healers and especially tanks, particularly in the "covering for irresponsibly horrible DPS" category, are ludicrous in randoms. I accept my 15 minute queue times hapilly to not live under that microscope, to not have to cover for "captain aggro", and gladly bring my considerable tank/healer experience to my dps role to remain effective, efficient and low maintenence.

    To all the tanks and healers doing randoms *well*, you have saintly patience, and I will repay you in kind, for continuing to do what I refuse to tolerate any more, by being a responsible dps. Thank you for not giving up, I don't know what keeps you going.

    To team "gogogogo", or the tank/healer that exploits their short queues and "importance" by being abusive to the rest of the group, or mr/ms "you disrespect my time with your poor performance", you can skip these thanks, as I did specify people doing their jobs well.

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    Re: A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    This sort of reminds me of the biography of a working man. It was going good until the end though, when it became another boss-skipping, abusive tank and healer thread. :/

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    Re: A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    Thank you for not giving up, I don't know what keeps you going.
    I keep going as a healer because I like having tanks with 30k life and things to sometimes go wrong cause I need things to keep me on my game as a healer. Thanks for being a good dps. ^_^ The end result is we all need to learn to respect each other and not act like asses just because we can without repercussions. Things would go much smoother if some people would just learn a little patience.

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    Re: A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    Glad to be of assistance. It's nice when I run into good DPS, and I do notice and welcome their skill. On the other hand, I've never had a problem carrying the Hunter who only melees.

    Also, I'd like to thank the healers that learn to pace themselves with me, resulting in those fifteen minute speed runs. Often the tank is given full credit for those, but you should be equally as appreciated.

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    Re: A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    Thank you to the healers that dont question my dc and dmc:g on my pallie tank to speed things up.

    And a screw you to those that do when i still run 45k plus depending on the instance and buffs.

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    Re: A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    Quote Originally Posted by Omedon
    Thank you for not giving up, I don't know what keeps you going.
    What keeps me going is my love of tanking, i really enjoy tanking especially if im in a nice, polite and fun group. Sure there are some groups that make you think "why do i bother?" but there are times when you get nice groups and i think "this is why i love to tank".

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    Re: A "thank you" to the *good* tanks/healers

    Thank you. It's very much appreciated

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