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    @ ranged tanking Princes

    Last night we tried tanking the shadow lance add with our DK tank. He was actually able to just tank it as normal. Can anyone confirm if this is a bug or not? I dont think he got meleed at all during Empowered Phase. Does the boss only melee during the none empowered phase?

    I thought this would be useful for everyone to figure out lol.

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    Re: @ ranged tanking Princes

    We began by trying to have a mage tank it and it didn't work out. Switched to a DK tank and got it no problem. I don't know if its a bug or not. Hotfixes went out today and didn't address anything like that. I cant say for certain because I heal and generally don't pay attention to that sort of thing.

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    Re: @ ranged tanking Princes

    Thanks good to know. Ya the hotfixes look like just correcting random melee hits to people running nearby. I guess the boss must just react differently when he's actively empowered.

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    Re: @ ranged tanking Princes

    maybe this video will help

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    Re: @ ranged tanking Princes

    Prince Keleseth will no longer melee players. So if you get knocked into Keleseth or happen to move by him, he won't swipe in between his casts and kill a non-tank.
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