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    Emblems of frost

    Heey all shadow priest's. What are you guys spending your emblems of frost on? t10 set or the other stuff?

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    Re: Emblems of frost

    as shadow i go for Shoulders > Helm > Chest > Gloves (4 pieces) then getting crafted my self some ICC leggings thats my 5 cents !

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    Re: Emblems of frost

    Primordial Saronite > sell them > sell the gold to gold farmers > bribe blizzard devs to make badges BoA > transfer badges from my alts to my main > Shoulders > Helm or Chest > Back > Trinket

    Then just wait for Toravon to be kind to you.
    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    Re: Emblems of frost

    bought shoulders > chest > head and when i get the last 40 frosties i'll buy the gloves.
    And bought primordial on all my alts to get the crafted legs + boots

    Im not planning on getting anything else from frosties for my shadow spec...

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    Re: Emblems of frost

    I bought 5 saronite and had them crafted into Sandals of Consecration. Not sure how soon I'll be going after t10 (with Toravon coming up).

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