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    (Read me first!) Welcome to the hunter forum!

    1) Read the MMO Champion FAQ, found here. Read it, love it, live it.
    2) Be nice, respect your fellow posters. Trolling / Flaming will be infracted.
    3) If you're unsure about rotations, gearing, specs and what not, please look at the guides that are stickied. You can also post questions in those threads. Use the "Fix my DPS" Thread if you want to know how to improve your character.

    Hunter forum policy update

    Do not come in and flame the entire class. Do not come in and make post after post that your class (hunter or otherwise) is "going to suck", "does suck", or "sucks verses hunters because hunters are too powerful."

    Civilized, reasonable discussion of "I don't like this because X,Y,Z" is awesome. Coming and posting "F**KING CRYING HUNTERS GET EVERYTHING THEY ASK FOR I HATE YOUR CLASS" in either a loud offensive way or a snide, sarcastic way is at least a warning.

    Thanks everyone, and enjoy the forums.
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