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    Shall I decide, or just..

    Evening priests and fellow readers.

    Healing is my call atm, I got a priest at 80, which is pretty fun to play. I like the way shield and burst heals works out. I am PvP orinted, but do alot of PvE aswell. But Ive ended with a decicision I just cant make. Recently I started leveling a druid who has reached level 78, he is nice to level with LFG and all that, but when I PvP I don't know what to play, I find it somehow annoying that I cant protect a single person, because when people see my HoTs on my target, they switch, which makes me go OOM quite fast.

    Because of lack of time Ive chosed to level toons in lfg, and maybe because I never know where to level.

    - another option would be to roll a dps class. Actully, it would be fun to gear up a dps in half PvE gear, get a good weapon and destroy HP insetad of keeping it up.

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    Re: Shall I decide, or just..

    Stay with the priest, too many resto druids, and holy paladins and resto shamans are boring as hell to play,

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    Re: Shall I decide, or just..

    Play the class you find fun and interesting.

    (Discipline) Priests are very powerful in PVP, often claimed to be near-unkillable when geared up. On the flipside, druids haven't really been OP in PVP since TBC, but if you ask me, it takes a lot to kill one anyway ^^. Anyway, Holypriests are utterly useless in PVP, and will basically die if targetted.

    Druids are very powerful in PVE, and often envied by other healers for their flexibility, throughput or mobility. As a priest you cannot match either, but you get close, and get some other strengths to compensate. In current content, the tradeoff is however not a good one; druids dominate in PVE, only surpassed by paladins. If you want power, druid is an excellent choice. But if you can settle for 80% of a druid, the priest isn't far behind.

    Anyway - if you don't enjoy hot blankets, druids may not be for you if healing is your game. As a priest, you have two healing specs, which means you can completely change style if you tire of one of the other. That's actually an upside if you don't want to stick to one thing forever. I personally find the holypriest to be the most fun healing specc in the game.
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