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    Royal moonshroud crafted for shadow?

    I made myself crafted ilvl 245 chest and wrist for disc spec. So, now im asking should i make Merlin chest + wrist for shadow spec or is that royal almost as good?


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    Re: Royal moonshroud crafted for shadow?

    the bejeweled wizard bracers is great since it has the perfect setup of stats. however, I for one feel that the wrists are a great place to get my hit rating so I'm going for the ladys brittle bracers or whatever they're called and currently am stacking my old totc hitbracres (I haven't changed my gear into hastegear yet since I'm on a break)

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    Re: Royal moonshroud crafted for shadow?

    Merlin would've been better for Disc. With SP stacking, it'd be fine for Disc and Shadow but not optimal, is there something wrong with using 50 badges to get T9?
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