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    Quote Originally Posted by getefix
    Considering there's no way for us to dps harder while reducing our threat, this argument is moot.

    If you're in danger of pulling off your tank, you need a new tank or a new guild with a new tank.
    Not 100% of my playtime is in 25 mans with the guild's best tank getting tricks and misdirects. I assume this is the case for most players. Why should Ferals and Warriors get severely penalized in all the other content?

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    Re: Kitty threat

    If the threat issue is near the start of the fight, it could be that the tank is not getting tricks/MD. This could be due to the number of targets involved, or another tank really needing it more than the tank in question. On fights like Twin Valks, I don't ask for an MD, but the mages shoot sky high over my threat initially because that their nature... thank goodness for Mirror Images. However, before MI expires, you bet they won't be anywhere near pulling threat unless I've been severely raged starved. Tanking takes some ramp-up time, the 200-300k threat lead doesn't magically appear w/o a tricks/MD.

    Since kitty dps is my off-spec and I'm pretty low on the totem pole for DPS upgrades, I'm generally the lowest geared DPS in raid when I do so. If we have a warrior tanking ToGC 25 Anub, he generally won't get more than a hunter MD so the OT can get outside threat on the adds. Be that as it may, I have to be veeeeery careful, because I will out-threat the warr (especially with bleeds, those can push me over if I'm not careful). I'll attribute this to Freezing Slash, since it really is a TPS killer. However, once the adds pop out, once I'm satisfied with my combo points and bleed durations, Swiping the adds will kill my threat enough. If I did well and the adds die before my bleeds run out... then I gotta worry some more. But after enough time, it's not an issue. Long story short, if the threat issue is in the start of the fight, give the tank a minute. Otherwise, I hope you outgear him.

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    Re: Kitty threat

    Let me illustrate one of many possible scenarios:

    Your buddy wants to take his tank alt through ICC5 for gear. He is an outstanding player on his main so you have confidence in his abilities. Since he is somewhat undergeared his threat isn't the greatest even though his performance is more than adequate. The other classes are able to dps just fine but due to the large difference in threat management tools the Feral finds it almost impossible even attempt to play his character. Now the tank feels like crap and doesn't really want to play his alt anymore and you feel like a jerk for continuously pulling aggro even though you were constantly holding back.

    So I ask again why is it acceptable for Ferals and Warriors to go through this when no other class does?

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    Re: Kitty threat

    Quote Originally Posted by getefix
    Link your armory and link your tank's armory and we can tell you where the problem lies. Pask hasn't complained about aggro issues, neither has Alski (2 well established posters here who have shown that they have strong dps). I had aggro issues for the first time in months this week when we recruited a new tank. Never had a problem with any of our offspec tanks.
    ^ this, at present if your about equal geared with your tanks there is no way your going to pull agro even if they don't get tricks/MD (provided they are not bad obviously).

    Recently the only time i have had agro problems was when we got one of our old players back, farmed him up badge gear and took him straight to ICC 25man. He now has better gear since i get him in the 10man runs i tank and he has no threat problems, our most recent run thru ICC had no rogues or hunters and we had no threat problem on any boss which included people dpsing thru the threat wipe on marrowgar : :

    Infact the only time i die from agro these days is if a tank is dead, or i poped berserk & swipe spammed trash just so i can see 35-40k on recount

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    Re: Kitty threat

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheezee
    Bribe your paladin healer to spam you when you do that. Cat tank doing 20k dps is pure awesomeness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mihir
    make that 30k

    make that over 40k

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