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    Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    North Lordaeron Unleashed
    Level 35-40 Questing Sub-zone

    Some time ago, I was wandering around the World of Warcraft with a little time to kill. I had no particular destination, only an eagerness to explore the landscape before it was changed forever.

    One corner of the world had recently caught my imagination; the Plaguelands, and what might happen there after the conclusion of Wrath of the Lich King's storyline. I looked for places I hadn't explored yet, and a tiny sliver of land soon drew my attention the the very northern shores of Lordaeron...

    After a bit of research, I discovered a location never intended for the eyes of the average player, a detail crafted by some random Blizzard employee who felt that just because nothing was officially there, something should be there just the same.

    For anyone who's ready for a lengthy, uninteresting swim, something few players have bothered to see awaits. From Tirisfal Glades, swim east along the coast. Eventually, you will reach a tiny spit of land with a few tables, a dock, and a tall Night Elf tower surrounded by ruins. For those not quite bold enough to make the trip, the location can still be seen here.

    I began to think creatively about what might exist here had Blizzard gotten around to adding it. With the advent of Flying Mounts in a post-Cataclysm world, surely this location and the mountains hemming in the northern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms will disappear. With that in mind, I copied a few maps, pointed my browser to Wowwiki, and began work on a new questing area... North Lordaeron.

    In a forgotten corner of our ancient world lies the land of North Lordaeron. Fenced between the foreboding seas of the North Coast and the Northridge Mountains, North Lordaeron is an unremarkable landscape suddenly thrust to the forefront of regional conflict.

    After the fall of Master Apothecary Putress during the Battle of Undercity, the few remaining Alchemists loyal to Varimathias have formed a desperate alliance with a cult of Arthas worshipers and have sailed south from Northrend towards the Eastern Kingdoms. Landing in North Lordaeron, the Alchemists have taken the former High Elf port of Dawnstrider Harbor, intending to use this new foothold to stage a second invasion of Undercity. While their cultist allies secure the Scarlet Bastion of Stratholme, the alchemists have focused on eliminating the Scarlet Crusade in Hearthglen.

    Only the intervention of adventurers, who must pick a careful path between the Scarlets, Alchemists, and the remnants of the Scourge, can put a stop to this strife and bring some measure of peace to the Plaguelands.

    North Lordaeron is situated north of Western Plaugelands, and makes a few new paths within the game world (though none that are unprecedented, as the addition of Havenshire and the Deathknight starting area have shown).

    Two new passages have been established, both near Hearthglen at the northernmost reaches of Western Plaguelands. Additionally, parts of this map are accessible from the new Stratholme questing zone (see next paragraph) and Ghostlands (if players have a Burning Crusade account). This new area slopes down to the coastline, and includes rocky hillside terrain, narrow canyons, and even a festering marshland. This landscape was added to realistically portray the coastline (in place of a sheer vertical cliff) and provide additional quests for the Western Plaguelands zone.

    Note that this concept is sister to another revamp I've done, one involving Stratholme as it could appear if the Druids at Light's Hope Chapel worked to reverse the effects of the Plague. The thread discussing "Stratholme: Renewed" can be found here.


    Map Notes: The land area depicted in the image above has been divided; the eastern half is used to expand Stratholme as a world zone rather than an instance. The western half is a newly developed questing area. Note that this area (including Strath) in its current form would also impact upon Ghostlands. I have gone ahead and shifted Ghostlands a tad north and east to accommodate. As the border between EPL and Ghostlands is currently instanced, the border seems somewhat flexible.

    Points of Interest:
    Players entering this region directly from the south will enter the narrow pass of Pinewood Canyon, a tight, rocky ravine filled with pine trees that leads down out of the mountains and into the lowlands. The Scarlet Crusade has established earthworks within this region to prevent the Alchemists from sneaking south around Hearthglen. High above the Pinewood Canyon is an aqueduct, built to bring fresh water into Stratholme from the mountain lakes.

    Following Pinewood Canyon to the Northwest, players will enter the Lordearon Highlands, a rolling grassland littered with massive glacier-deposited boulders and stone outcroppings. Several large cairns and monuments are scattered around the region, some of ancient dwarven origin. The Scarlets heavily patrol this rock-strewn glade, blocking the roads to keep the Alchemists boxed in at Dawnstrider Harbor. It is also used as a training ground for fresh recruits. A few plague-infected animals linger here as well. This sub-zone is also home to the Hearthglen Dock, which becomes a neutral flightpath once players have completed a quest to gain control of it (phasing is used, of course).

    Dawnstrider Harbor is currently under the control of Apothecary forces, lead by Plaguemaster Morell. Originally a High Elf shipping port, Scourge attacks left the city abandoned until very recently. Highlights include several labs and workshops set up in the elven structures, decaying gardens, and siege weaponry keeping the Scarlets on their toes. The western entry into the city is actually barricaded at first (phasing removes the blockade after a few quests). To gain access to the city, players must enter...

    The Banewood Marshes are a wetland modeled on Ghostlands, which is actually within sight of this area in several places. The road through this festering forest has long since been submerged, but the Scarlets built a network of raised wooden footpaths, though even these have fallen into disrepair. One boardwalk leads into Dawnstrider Harbor, while the other leads to an old sewer entrance connected to Stratholme. As you can imagine, all of the filth-ridden runoff from the city has spilled into Banewood, creating a truly noxious landscape.

    At the north end of Banewood lies The Lighthouse. To reach this important quest destination players are forced to take the "Banewood Highroad", a crumbling stone bridge four stories above the ground that staddles the entire Banewood Delta. Once at the lighthouse, players can sabotage the beacon, causing the Apothecaries to crash one of their ships at Cadem Cove (which is another quest location that is phased in once shipwrecked).

    Finally, the Thondroril Spring is a large area that is only accessible via flying mount or teleport. The lake at the center of this sub-zone feeds the Thondroril River (which divides the Eastern and Western Plaguelands) and the moat of Stratholme. This area is actually a rather nice, pretty place, and relatively safe. The newly introduced Troll and Worgen Druids have this location as a sort of "Moonglade East", and teleport to it rather than Moonglade (though both are connected once players reach a specific level). As in Stratholme, the druids here have been working to purify the plague-tainted waters of the Thondroril River.

    Concept Images:

    -Banewood Highroad, looking towards the Lighthouse-

    (The following are found images suggesting a mood or feel. I claim no ownership of the following images. I have re-hosted them for convenience.)
    Lordaeron Highlands 1
    Lordaeron Highlands 2

    Pinewood Canyon 1
    Pinewood Canyon 2
    Pinewood Canyon 3
    Pinewood Canyon 4
    (This fourth screenshot is by Caspar David Friedrich, one of my favorite artists for landscapes and scenery. An extensive collection of his work can be found here).

    Sample Quests:

    The Alliance have secured a camp overlooking the area in the mountains above Hearthglen. At the Alliance Camp, the High Elf Asmira Evantide requests players assist in the destruction of the Apothecaries and the cleansing of Banewood. After completing a reconnaissance mission, Asmira will issue players a flare gun, allowing them to call her to their position to report their progress.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asmira Evantide
    Secure the Docks
    Welcome to North Lordaeron. We have much to do and time is an issue, so we must move quickly. The Scarlet zealots are swarming for some reason, and we must use this chaos to our own ends. Head towards the coast as quietly as you can and set a blaze to their munitions. There will be no time to report back, I will look for you at the docks, so stay close.

    If any misguided crusaders stand in your way... make it clean and quick, could you?

    (Phases in the Hearthglen Flightpath)
    - Scarlet Destroyer sank
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmira Evantide
    A quick lesson in Combustion...
    Good work. With the docks unsuitable for use, neither the Scarlets or the Apothecaries can make use of it, whichever way the battle pitches. For several days, a plague-ridden ship has lingered near the northeast coast, and we must not allow it to land or flee. Take this Emerald Dragonhawk, fly to the ship, and destroy it. There must be something flammable aboard.

    Return to your Dragonhawk before the ship explodes and she will bring you to me.

    (Phases in the Caden's Cove Wreck)
    -Chemical canisters destroyed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmira Evantide
    Caden's Inconvenience
    Damn their captain's steady hand! Even as she burned up he managed to steer her ashore. And now they're salvaging whatever survived the wreck. Get down there and smash whatever cargo you can find. We must not allow the Plague of the Wrathgate on these shores!
    -8 Cargo Crates destroyed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmira Evantide
    Suspicions in the Swamp
    Excellent work, I think we've stopped them for now. While I was overhead, I saw a few shadows that looked suspicious. I suspect the Apothecaries are storing something in Banewood, and we must investigate. Unfortunately... the marshlands are utterly overrun with all manner of corrupted life.

    Head into Banewood Marsh and thin the wildlife... trust me, you'll be doing them a service.

    - 3 Bloated Corpses slain
    - 4 Gluttonous Hounds slain
    - 5 Corrupted Blooms slain

    The Horde, lead by the Forsaken Deathknight One-eye Emory, have launched a small attack force down the coast from Tirisfal. They have established a small camp in the Southwest corner of Lordaeron Highlands, hoping to crush both the Scarlet Crusade and the Apothecary Society in one fell swoop. Once you have proven your value to Emory, he will present you with a flare gun to signal when you have made progress.

    Quote Originally Posted by One-eye Emory
    If I slept, I'd sleep better...
    I adore this command. I passed up a lot of honest, gory work to come here and teach these Scarlet swine their final lesson. Alas, I'm too busy planning to slaughter a single one... but you look like you have time to kill <Emory cackles>.

    Butcher a dozen Scarlets, just to put the fear in 'em. I don't care which ones, they all look the same to me; meat wrapped in bloody hate-cloth. Remember to wash up before you come back, I swear sometimes even their pathetic juices scream out at me.

    - 12 Scarlet Soldiers slain.
    Quote Originally Posted by One-eye Emory
    Secure the Docks
    Excellent work, I could hear the screams from here. Music, pure music. But we have business to attend to, and I think you're fit for more than pleasurable knifework.

    Head down to the Hearthglen docks, deal with the Scarlet Sentries posted there, and use this flare gun to ignite the powder kegs on their little rowboat. When I see the flames, I'll fly down and we'll see what's what.

    (Phases in the Hearthglen Flightpath)
    - 10 Scarlet Sentries slain
    - Scarlet Destroyer sank
    Quote Originally Posted by One-eye Emory
    In the Land of the Blind...
    Excellent work, friend, but we're not finished with these swine yet. They still have plenty of ships off shore and I'm in no mood to waste artillery. I have spies in our Dark Lady's home of Windrunner Spire waiting to lead their miserable fleet aground, but I need your help first.

    I want you to trek around the mountains to a lovely little plot called Banewood. Near the coast lies the Highroad, and at its end lies the old Elven Lighthouse. Smash the beacon, signal me with your flare, and we'll watch the bastards smash on the rocks together.

    (Phases in the Cadem's Cove wreck)
    - Beacon Destroyed.
    Quote Originally Posted by One-eye Emory
    Sand in your Sloop?
    That certainly is a beautiful mess, but that's not a Scarlet ship.... Pity. It looks like we've managed to wreck one of the Apothecary Society's boats, which is almost as good. Head down there, put a dull knife to any demon-pawns you see, and bring back a sample of their cargo. I'm curious to see what my old friend Morell is importing.

    Signal me when your task is complete.

    - 8 Apothecaries or Cultists slain.
    - 4 cargo crates stolen


    (Left to Right: Scarlet Recruit, Flagbearer, Instructor, Sentry, and Legionary.)

    Scarlet Recruit: (Level 28)
    Found in: Lordaeron Highland
    The newest recruits to the Scarlet Crusade, orphaned by the war in Icecrown. Despite their youth, they are just as fervent and aggressive as any Scarlet soldier. Intentionally lower level than the zone they're in, they travel in packs of 4 or more and are always accompanied by an Instructor. Melee fighters, though occasionally they will draw their firearms when needed.

    Scarlet Flagbearer: (Level 30)
    Found in: Lordaeron Highland
    An advanced recruit who bears the standards of the Scarlet Crusade into battle. This enemy provides a powerful "Inspiration" buff to all nearby allies, uses Demoralizing Shout, and uses Bandage on wounded allies. Always found traveling with Recruits.

    Scarlet Instructor: (Level 36)
    Found in: Lordaeron Highland
    A full-fledged warrior, Scarlet Instructors lead newly enlisted trainees as they drill, march, and support the Crusade's efforts in North Lordaeron. These soldiers receive a stacking Frenzy buff for every Recruit they lose, so it is best to focus on the Instructors first, lest they go on a rampage. One Instructor always accompanies Recruits into the field.

    Scarlet Sentry: (Level 35)
    Found in: Lordaeron Highland, Pinewood Canyon, Hearthglen Dock
    Posted at strategic locations, these enemies are tasked with holding positions vital to the Scarlet Crusade, a responsibility that brings them at odds with adventurers. When threatened, the Sentry will raise the alarm, summoning two Scarlet Recruits to his aid.

    Scarlet Legionary: (Level 38)
    Found in: Lordaeron Highland
    This heavily armored soldier fights at the very gates of Dawnstrider Harbor, trying to break the Apothecaries' front line. Using their massive axe, Legionaries can deliver a brutal Cleave while frequently using Shatter Armor.

    (Left to right: Chemist, Necrophant, Deathguard, and Tracker)

    Apothecary Chemist: (Level 35)
    Found in: Dawnstrider Harbor
    Donning gas masks and eagerly fingering vials of toxic gas, these researchers have worked to carry on the work of Grand Apothecary Putress. When they detect players, they hurl Vials of Blight before charging in with their surgical tools, occasionally using Corrupting Plague against them.

    Apothecary Necrophant: (Level 40)
    Found in: Dawnstrider Harbor
    Heirs to the plague arts of Putress, the Necrophants are a twisted and malicious form of leadership in the ruins of Dawnstrider. Surrounded by an aura of Putrid Stench and liberally infecting adventurers with a potent Retching Plague, these alchemists can quickly overcome anyone who crosses their path. Necrophants are rare within the Harbor, but are usually found with several Deathguards. Care must be taken, as these devilish masters will make use of their Chain Heal when their entourage is in danger.

    Apothecary Deathguard: (Level 37)
    Found in: Dawnstrider Harbor, Banewood Marshes, Banewood Highroad, Lighthouse
    These undead warriors are sworn to protect the Apothecaries, and maintain order wherever their despicable interests take them. Armed with cleavers, pitchforks, and Deadly Poison-laced daggers, they patrol areas of vital interest to the Society. Apothecary Deathguards are also equipped with the latest in enhanced eyewear, granting them Stealth Detection.

    Apothecary Tracker: (Level 38)
    Found in: Banewood Marshes, Banewood Highroad, Lighthouse
    Wandering the retched wilderness of Banewood, these Trackers maintain surveillance for the Apothecary Society. Armed with a ooze-spewing cannon (capable of delivering noxious plague blasts) and accompanied by a Diseased Wolf, these hunters keep a constant vigil. When they spot an enemy, they will first set a Snake Trap before breaking cover and firing upon and sending their pet after their targets. Like the Deathguards, their gasmasks also grant them improved Stealth Detection.

    (Left to Right: Bloated Corpse, Corrupted Bloom, Abominable Rat, Banewood Owl, Plague Rat, and Gluttonous Hound... and yes, that's to scale!)

    A Note on the Undead...
    Every enemy that follows, with the exception of the Plague Rat, has the ability to inflict a bleed effect, "Seeping Wound", on players. This debuff reads "Blood is starting to seep through... you cannot eat or bandage with such a grievous wound" and lasts 25 seconds. All quests in this region award the player a small number of "Treated Bandages" that will remove this debuff.

    If the debuff is not cleared before it expires... well... read on.

    Bloated Corpse: (Level 36)
    Found in: Banewood Marshes
    Created By: Capt_jesus
    One of the poor souls who died during the fall of Stratholme and was risen by the scourge. Flushed out of the city through the sewer system, these zombies eventually fell into Banewood, where they drifted in the fetid swamps and became swollen to a grotesque sight. Brutal in combat, these undead begin to fall apart as they're injured, eventually exploding into a disgusting cloud of putridity that befouls all who are near.

    Corrupted Bloom (Level 32)
    Found in: Banewood Marshes
    A combination of sewage and plague run-off have caused the once-tranquil life of the marsh to uproot and hunt for prey. In the muddy bogs of Banewood, fields of these blooms lie buried, only exposing their petals to lure beasts and the undead into their midst by emitting the rank odor of carrion. Once surrounded, the blooms erupt from beneath their prey, ensnare it with their vine tentacles, and begin to eat it alive. Brave adventurers would do well to avoid their soft azure petals and flee immediately should they smell gently rotting meat; it may very well be the last thing they ever smell.

    Abominable Rat (Level 42)
    Found in:Stratholme Sewers
    Rank sewage, infectious plague, and dark magic seeped into Banewood from the sewers of Stratholme, twisting the vermin into... well, look at that Rat. That's a big honkin' rat. This fearsome specimen drags its enormous girth through the sewers it was spawned in, growing ever fatter and more vile as it swallows whatever washes into the drains. Players who encounter this monstrosity must guard against it's horrid, gnashing teeth and the small army of diseased fleas that seem to endlessly swarm from it's mangy fur.

    Banewood Owl (Level 35)
    Found in:Banewood Marsh, Banewood Highroad, Lighthouse
    The Owls of Banewood were once held with the highest regard by the Night Elves, who would pilgrimage over perilous seas and foreboding peaks to find and, Elune willing, tame this majestic raptor. Now, they have grown lazy and slow, feeding off the limitless supply of rotting flesh that inundates their ancient homeland. A once mighty hunter has become nothing more than a carrion bird, and the Night Elves revere them no more.

    Plague Rat (Level 15)
    Found in:Stratholme Sewers, Banewood Marsh
    Nevermind their size; the Plague Rats that inhabit the sewers and the marshland around it feed well enough on their own. Of course, by 'on their own', we actually mean 'thirty at a time', not that you'll have time to count. Hidden completely from view, at the first scent of blood (via the "Seeping Wounds" debuff expiring), these vermin erupt from the ground by the dozens, swarming at the bleeding player. Though they are small and relatively weak, their numbers will allow them to quickly overtake a player who is still suffering from a previous battle.

    Gluttonous Dog (Level 36)
    Found in: Banewood Marshes
    Created By: Capt_jesus
    In life, a proud and noble hound of the city of Stratholme, in death a vile beast that lives only to stuff itself on the festering garbage that washes out of its former home. Gorged until it practically seeps with filth, these canine have an armor-crushing bite and a latent ability to regenerate from those it infects.

    Legal Mumbo Jumbo:

    To the extent possible under law, Will Armstrong has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Stratholme Renewed. This work is published from United States.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    This is just as good as your strathholme, would love to see some more art.

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    I've read both of your recent posts, and all i can say is, WOW! Incredible. Very well thought of, and it makes for some nice lore. Two thumbs way up

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Has Blizzard hired you yet?

    Seriously,this stuff is new and exciting, no sarcasm intended.

    You make the whole thing seem real, I especially love your idea of using the spring area as a "Moonglade" for the troll and worgen druids.

    This is the kinda stuff I wanna see in Cataclysm.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    This is incredible, you should definatly be hired by blizzard

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    You sure get my vote.

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    new explorer is new

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Looks solid, I'd certainly level there. Only quibble is lore related, why hasn't this place become an extension of the plaguelands? I'm not certain that the undead or demons would have been put off by inconvenient geography.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    As with the Stratholme thread, I'll be trying to address specific comments, questions, or criticisms directly. I will also be thanking everyone for their compliments, since I know what a substantial read my posts are compared to the rest of the forums. That said, a sincere thanks to RakuRaku, JDPickle, Capt_jesus, Armori, Wezagred, and PhailPally. If you're not mentioned, guess what; you're being quoted!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hexus
    Only quibble is lore related, why hasn't this place become an extension of the plaguelands? I'm not certain that the undead or demons would have been put off by inconvenient geography.
    The name is a bit of a misnomer; it's called North Lordaeron, but it's more or less a northern extension of Western Plaguelands. I believe that were this implemented, it would simply be tacked into that zone rather than having an entirely new zone created for it. However, I didn't want to name it "Northern Plaguelands" because Cataclysm spells the end, more or less, of the "Arthas Chapter" and it seemed awkward to be adding new Plaguelands when the Plague is more or less history at this point.

    From a lore standpoint, it more or less has become Plaguelands, where it could take root. Hearthglen and the mountains around it (not really given a name, but I found "Northridge" mentioned in the Lore) have remained relatively plague-free because of the Scarlet's presence. It can be assumed that the Pinewood Canyon and Lordaeron Highland sections have remained uncorrupted because of their zealotry as well. A few "plague-infected animals" have managed to inhabit those areas though.

    The Banewood Marshes and Dawnstrider Harbor, however, were corrupted by the Plague. Banewood is somewhat of an extension of Ghostlands, with the noxious plague-infused sewage from Stratholme flowing into it to boot. The Scourge are pretty rampant in that area. Dawnstrider Harbor was also undead-heavy, but the arrival of the Apothecaries has driven them out.

    Thanks again to everyone reading!
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    This gets my full approval. Say "no" to unused lands.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    I vote "yes" for this

    It seems like you've thought it through, and everything seems to match up. I'm still waiting to see what enemies you can come up with though

    You should post those ideas on the official wow forums and try to get your idea through. I'd support you for sure.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Quote Originally Posted by Mewbaraue
    I vote "yes" for this

    It seems like you've thought it through, and everything seems to match up. I'm still waiting to see what enemies you can come up with though

    You should post those ideas on the official wow forums and try to get your idea through. I'd support you for sure.

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Again, you made a good bunch of stuff bro. go further with it, it would be worth. sooner or later you'll get the reward.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Good job! (Map especialy)

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Seal of approval

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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    You're awesome, and so is your idea.

    Blizz needs to hire you asap, don't know what you do for a living but it certainly doesn't pay enough for someone of your caliber.
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    I was hoping you'd dig up and reintroduce the stuff you posted in that other thread some time ago, more people should see them. Great work!
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    Just as good as your last one, with perhaps a bit more polishing.

    Thanks for the read!
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    Re: Reinvention: North Lordaeron

    You need a job at Blizzard, you would fill those empty areas with actual lore instead of... mountain ranges.

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